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Kallah Ramson

A Short Trip To A Long Walk

A Short Trip To A Long Walk


Specters in the Mist



It only took moments to travel the 3 decks from Medical to the CnC but that was more than enough time to go over the scant data they had so far. Kallah Ramson did just that, reviewing the pieces to this puzzle while the decks zipped by.

They had a Horta in medical who had just given birth to a single egg. She had come on board from the doomed Pakled ship though they seemed to know nothing about it. They were more interested in rocks, though it was totally possible they simply mistook the Horta for just another rock.

The Horta had identified its homeworld and it lay right at the location the Pakleds had traveled through the nebula. This nebula had been visited by more than one ship for unknown reasons.

What Kallah pondered on most was what role each of these played. Pakleds were known to abduct people to gain technology but a Horta was not a typical target. She wondered if they could have actually contained the Horta seeing they couldn't even keep the ship itself together. There wasn't enough left of the Pakleds’ ship to check on that.

The nebula they were investigating was nothing out of the ordinary. It lay within the old borders of Breen territory. Other than an initial scouting by the USS Yorktown three years ago, it had warranted little attention until now.


As the turbolift doors opened, Commander Ramson saw images of the nebula in question floating on the viewscreen display. Perhaps the probe they had sent would answer some of these questions. The answer of what to do with that information would have to come from elsewhere.

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