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Kallah Ramson

"Probing Thoughts" or "Eggcelent Thoughts"

As the main screen on the CnC cleared after the conversation with Mr Roberts most of the officers returned to their ongoing assignments. Commander Ramson however felt a level of concern from one officer. “Mr Lawliet, if you have a moment.” She walked past him and towards her office.


Lawliet followed the new station XO into her office. A lot had happened over the past few days. The Captain unexpectedly left and with all the changes, he could only feel something was going to happen...and soon.


Entering the office the lights raised to a low but acceptable level. Accent lights fell upon the rug which designated Ramson’s work area and the far corner of floor pillows around a short round table. Bypassing the former Kallah moved to the far corner. She gently knelt down to sit. Shifting her legs to the left Kallah rested her right side and arm on the pillow.


Motioning for him to have a seat, “To answer your curiosity first, I knew about the Horta because medical is only a few decks above us and you all were making quite a racket, telepathically speaking.” Ramson smiled. “And, if you were unaware I am empathic, though Minaran telepathy works a little different than most. But, I can definitely tell you are worried about keeping the Horta confined in medical.”


“I’ve made it a point to never intrude on others thoughts...that is to say willingly.” Lawliet took a seat across from Ramson. “It’s even more difficult reading others who have empathic or telepathic abilities.”


“With Minarans that is much like asking most people to go without sight. But, we can also sense the desire for privacy and try to respect it. What did you sense though from the Horta?”


Lawliet took a moment to process his thoughts. “It was...complicated. The Horta wasn’t able to communicate effectively like you and I, but ‘she’ expressed a great deal of discomfort. I suppose that makes sense considering how just seconds later she laid an egg.”


Kallah smiled softly, “I can imagine. And the drive to protect that new life was also strong. Anything else after that?”


“No. While it is ultimately Doctor Pavilion’s call on rather or not the Horta can be released, I strongly advise relocating it to its planet of origin. Seeing how there will be an infant on the way, its best chance of survival is in its own habitat.” Lawliet said plainly.


“I agree. As soon as the good Doctor clears her patient we can make those arrangements. We do need to make sure that is what the Horta wishes. We also have to consider that it is a witness in it’s own abduction and may need to be questioned.”


Ramson shifted slightly in her reclined position. “Which, brings us to another matter. Engineering has launched a number of probes across the sector. Scientific…. for the most part. There is however one probe soon to enter a nebula which the Pakleds stopped off at for a prolonged period. We are considering this is where they obtained the Horta or at least offloaded cargo for some unknown reason.” Ramson looked down briefly in thought. “Do you consider yourself capable of asking the Horta questions about this?”



Lawliet locked eyes with Ramson. “Of course, but I can’t guarantee anything solid. While the Horta can communicate, it’s part intelligence and part animal instinct. Aside from that, tell me more about this probe. What makes you think it’ll be able to get accurate scans from the nebula?”


“Engineering used a bit of their magic to boost the probes effectiveness. But, we don’t really know what is inside the nebula. If it is hiding something illicit then there’s probably a good reason they are using it to hide in. We may not get much information. I need science however to go over everything we do get. The probe feed is being sent to science, though you may want to check with SubCommander tr’Korjata and make sure he’s sharing all the data like I asked him to.”



Lawliet nodded. “I’ll get right to it. While I’m looking over the probes sensor telemetry, I’ll have Ensign Tarisa look into the nebula. Cross checking both will help me determine if there is anything in there. “


“Good” Kallah lifted herself off the floor pillow into a more proper seated position, her legs neatly tucked beneath herself. “Then, once we have some information about the nebula and the Horta has rested I would like you to ask her if she remembers how she got here.”


Taking a slightly more serious tone, “And don’t dismiss the Horta’s intelligence. We had one serving in the science department when I was on the Excalibur. I wish we could use the same translator matrix we used there but, much like my own psionic verbalizer,” Ramson lightly tapped the small device on the side of her head, “it takes training for the speaker to use.”


Lawliet got to his feet. “It will take some time for the computer to process the telemetry. I’ll make the Horta my top priority and report my findings once I have them.”


“Thank you for your efforts, and your concern.” Ramson nodded. “I’ll await your report.” She smiled and nodded again.


Lawliet simply nodded his head and walked out back into the CnC.

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