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Kallah Ramson

Managing the Flock

Kallah Ramson sat upon a short dais in the corner of her new office. The platform stood barely above the floor, covered by a rug of Orion design. A low bookshelf ran behind this for the length of the wall. Along the curved glass wall that looked out onto the Commerce Zone hung thin curtains. Their patterns were of Minaran origins but in color and style complimenting the Orion rugs and tapestries adorning the room. Minaran floor pillows filled out the rest of the space. The only break in this theme was the replicator station across from where Ramson sat.


There she sat, seiza style. A small device in front of Ramson projected upward a holographic desktop. Starcharts, reports, and schedules floated on its transparent ethereal surface. A line of PADDs sat in a cradle to her right. To her left was a tray holding a pot of steaming water, a small cup, and a dish of fragrant tea.


At the other end of the office a young women knelt before the bookshelf, taking books out of several boxes, paging through each one before placing it on the shelf. She was not dressed in Starfleet attire but wore a loose golden robe. Her features looked remarkably like Ramson’s, though several years younger.


A soft chirp from the doorway drew the attention of both from their work. “Come,” Ramson said.


Jylliene entered and smiled as she looked around. "Commander," she greeted. The décor reminded her much of what she had seen on the Aegean. For that matter, answering to Ramson reminded her of the same - like going back to the first days of her posting. "You wished to see me?"


“Yes I did.” Kallah glanced over to the woman tending to the books. “If you could give us a moment.” The woman nodded and vanished in a holographic haze. Ramson looked back towards Kital. “As you’ve noticed there’s been a bit of shuffling of positions lately. The SubCommander has moved his primary duty station to the shipyard. This is going to leave engineering with a number of… lost little sheep.” Kallah smiled.


Jylliene quirked a slight grin. "I won't need a shepherdess costume, I hope?" She nodded to Ramson. "Please go on."


“How you go about managing them will be up to you,” Kallah said with a grin. “Though, Nijil might…. well, anyways.” She attempted to take on a more serious tone. “You think you can oversee engineering as part of your Ops duties?”


She blinked a bit in surprise. "Me? I... I'm sure I could, with some tweaks to my displays," she replied, already mentally shuffling the readouts and picturing what she would want to keep tabs on. "What would it primarily entail?"


“On a day to day basis you would mostly handle the paperwork side of things. They are an experienced crew which shouldn’t need too much micromanagement. Technically, SubCommander Jorahl is still titled as Chief Engineering. That fear should keep most of them in line. Agreed?”


"It would work for me. What does the SubCommander think of this?" she asked.


“This was actually his idea. None of the senior engineers seemed to have any interest in command and Jorahl felt you were in the best position and of the ability to direct engineering," she said with a reaffirming nod.


"I'm - actually quite honored," Jylliene replied, recalling her impressions of the officer. "So keep tabs on them to make sure they know what they need to be doing on a normal basis. And if things go wildly not normal, the same, but with more urgency?"


“Thereabouts, yes. Management of repair teams and prioritizing work will be your main focus - a natural extension of your current duties. There are also some building projects being considered that you will need to help manage as well. You’ll get more on those as they are approved.” Ramson leaned back slightly and reached over to take her tea with both hands. She observed Jylliene over the edge of her cup for how she was taking the possibility of these new responsibilities.


Nodding, the woman considered how to best handle the additional duties. "Very well. It's quite a responsibility to take on, but I appreciate the confidence that you and the SubCommander have expressed in me, and accept." Pausing, she smiled and added, "And my congratulations to you on your new position."


“Why thank you. I’ve lived most my life on or near an Aegis station. This is the fulfillment of a number of childhood dreams.” She set the cup aside and smiled. Leaning in a little closer, she added, “and a few nightmares.”


"Let us pray it stays more toward dream and less nightmare, for both of us," she replied with an understanding smile.


“Agreed. Then it seems it’s settled. I believe you have a few new duties to see to, as do I. Good luck Lt. Commander.”


Nodding in acknowledgement, Jylliene answered, "Thank you, ma'am. And to you as well." Turning, she started to leave.


Commenting as Jylliene stepped towards the door, Ramson added, “Who knew managing Nijil would be such apt career training.”


A brief chuckle escaped the woman, who glanced back and grinned. Continuing to her station, Jylliene started to make the adjustments to her displays, then hit the communicator. "Ops to engineering - status report to my console ASAP."

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