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Name: Tarisa

Full Name: Duelle Tarisa of Clan Laeda

Gender: Female

Age: 19 (The equivalent of a 19 year old human)

Species: Mithraan

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 107 lbs.

Hair Color: Light Blue

Eye Color: Light Blue-Green

Noticeable Features: Cat ears and tail (both with white fur)

Place of Birth: Elysia, Mithra IV



Duelle Yrell of Clan Laeda (Mother)

Duelle Maraak of Clan Velen (Father)

Duelle Yda of Clan Laeda (Older sister and twin of Lo'gan)

Duelle Lo'gan of Clan Laeda (Older brother and twin of Yda)

Duelle Miana of Clan Laeda (Niece and daughter of Yda)


Service Information:

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Position: Assistant Science Officer

Assignment: Sky Harbor Aegis


Personal Information:

Growing up in Elysia, the science capital of Mithra IV, Tarisa was immersed in the art of science. Her mother a doctor and father and brother both scientists for the Mithraan Ministry of Science, it seemed only natural for Tarisa to join the scientific community. But that wasn't the driving force behind her desire to join Starfleet. It was hero worship.


When she was young, she would follow anything she could on Mithra's first Starfleet officer, Nouvelle Daena. This lead Tarisa to study hard and when the time came, apply to Starfleet Academy. Receiving her acceptance letter was the best day of her life as it was delivered personally by her idol, Daena. This lead to a strong friendship between the two Mithraans, which is how Tarisa ended up with Daena's mechanical pet named Skitters.



Tarisa's major scientific studies were in Geology and Astronomy, with a minor in Physics. While at the Academy, she was also a member of the track and field and gymnastics teams, earning numerous metals in both. Her natural speed and agility were great assets.



Tarisa is easily excited and is generally curious about anything. She is also very playful and is almost always in a cheerful mood.

Edited by Tarisa

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