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The Information you requested Doctor T`Aral

To : Doctor T`Aral Chief Medical Officer USS Comanche Creek


From: Byblos


Subject: The Information You Requested Regarding Potential Outer Rim Species Encounters



Dear Dr. T`Aral,


To be truthful I wish I had a better gist of what is happening along the entire border along which the Federation ends and your "Outer Rim Territories" begin. But there are some things I can tell you.


If we focus along the territories beginning with the "Widows Run" and expanding radially outward from Federation Stellar Cartography we are able to narrow the area of most concern.


The "Widows Run" has been a trade route for at least three centuries, predating your Federation. Oddly enough it was the first humans who traveled the route that gave that spacelane it's name.


Trade between earlier space borne races of the Federation and Orions while more docile at the time brought many familiar species to our potential theater of operations.


These would include, Andorians, Tellarites , Vulcans and Humans. These first trailblazers settled outer systems with no Orion objections because commerce was considered of value. This explains the presence of these races today.


Orions however began to change. For what reasons of this change over a century ago..I do not know. But they became fragmented, yet more empowered. The Cartels came to be; and with the cartels the Orions began taking back what they had tolerated ...settlers soon became enslaved or forced to work for these Cartels for meager wages for protection.


The Original settler populations declined. The Orions needed more slaves. The "Widows Run" earned it's new name as the Orion Cartels didn't just seized cargo...but beings.


The Orions needed more and pushed to areas farther from our zone of Engagement, but one of those worlds was Nausicaa. Nausicaans tougher to enslave, so violent...some were willing to be payed thugs for cartels. Nausicaans were behind on basic space travel...the Orions gave them warp drive for soldiers for their cartels. Hence Nausicaans, although a species far from our area of concern will be present. And they will be violent as ever. But Dr. T`aral, beyond our area of interest rumors exist of Nausicaans tamed for mining uses. I don't see how this is possible. But for the mission's safety any Nausicaan encountered should be considered very dangerous.


Other races from the original settlers still remain...and serve the Cartels. Humans especially. They seem to have a greater sense of ...loyalty to those who pay them. We witnessed this with the Prisoners taken at the Battle of Widows Run. Displaying extreme loyalty to the Dragoons.


The Dragoons are of note for this discussion of species we may encounter. The only vessel we have an engaged appeared to have an entirely human crew. The "Wraith" himself being human.


What is a very big question is the composition of the races employed by the Dragoons. They originate from a different area of space than our theater...yet a human is their commander. In my time with Orion males, they would not tolerate a human commander. Yet Tavington's Dragoons must be considered as another means of species realignment in the area we will be operating in.


Sadly since Tavington wiped out The Federation's intelligence apparatus in the Orion controlled Outer Rim sector of concern...we must expect species from farther regions of space and be ready....for anything.


I hope this was useful.



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