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Cassie Granger

Extraction - Bolarus Mission



[see end of document for milspeak translations.]


“Have a seat. Listen up.”


As Major Ishiiu, commanding officer of Challenger’s Marine detachment, strode to the front of the briefing room, the main viewscreen came alive with aerial views of Bimaal, Amaal, and the armies lined up along the Bimaal-Amaal border. The team’s focus was relaxed, but intense.


“Our mission is to extract Federation Ambassador Arleth and his security detail, currently believed to be held by the Bimaal,” Ishiiu began, pointing to the ambassador’s image in one corner of the screen. Engaging his laser pointer, he zoomed in the ground images and circled a thickly-settled area of Bimaal’s main city.


“The ambassador’s last known location was here. His status is unknown, so be prepared to carry him out. These buildings,” his pointer flicked across them, “mask a labyrinth of tunnels. Their purpose, nature, and extent are unknown. They could be constructed, ground rock, packed dirt... or they could be drainage, so carry rebreathers for you and your extraction packages.


“The latest scans, transponder frequencies, and biomarkers for the ambassador and his security detail have been uploaded to your personal data-padds. Load it into your helmet visor scanners.”


More images appeared next to the ambassador’s.


“His security detail,” he pointed, “Army First Lieutenant James Spechter, Delta Force, and Diplomatic Service Officer Stanley Kovaczek, both presumed to be with the ambassador but they may not be. Again, their status is unknown.


“The primary objective for this mission is the location and extraction of Ambassador Arleth. If Spechter and Kovaczek are not with him, get the ambassador and leave; we’ll deal with the other two later. Challenger Actual, Captain Ja’Lale, has had audio contact with this man,” more images appeared, “Ambassador Neonew of Bimaal, and this man, President Verdugo of Amaal.


“Questions so far?”


After a collective “no sir", the major continued.


“Okay. Communications signals and scanners are not stable. Engineering deployed top rate probes and they are working, but we will not trust a transport beam. Your Multi Use Landing Element will be a shuttle. To keep technology contamination to a minimum, the shuttle will not land. You will fast-rope to the surface, the shuttle will ascend to a safe altitude and will remain airborne over your location to give you eyes in the sky.


“This Op is Prime Directive sensitive. You will use projectile weapons only. Anything that you have that is pre-2075 and appropriate for CQB* can be used, so dig into your toy chest. If you don’t have a personal favorite, the armory has CD M25s, Browning semi P40s, CD M18 PDFs six by thirty, M68A5s, and flash-bangs in stock*. Of course, projectile weapons mean full ballistic body armor, so load it up. Beyond that, leave it behind. Sterilize your kit. Remove anything that smacks of Fed tech, and that includes video games," Ishiiu eyed the team’s youngest member, "got it?"


"Yes, Major.” Danny Souter muttered a good-natured “damn” and took a shoulder-punch from O’Neill.


“Good. The Air Support Officer has been Captain Granger in Flight Ops. That designation will shift to First Lieutenant Rogers on the extraction shuttle, who will call Shadow 1 for close air support if needed.


“Set your comm channels to voice activation. Channel one is team secure frequency, channel two is ASO Rogers, channel three is Granger, and channel four is Challenger Actual for extreme emergency.”


"Hector, you're on com. Report every thirty. Miss two windows and ASO will alert the QRF that will be in a shuttle, low orbit. Miss three windows and QRF will be on the ground. You are Eagle one, ASO is Eagle two, Granger is Eagle Base."


Gonzales nodded.


“Okay. Moa. You, Tanya, and O’Neill will locate and extract the ambassador and his detail. Tanya, load up your medical kit.”


She nodded.


“Souter, you are designated shooter. Daniels you are secondary; cover their six. Questions?”


“Rules of engagement, Major?” Team leader Gunnery Sergeant Gleason “Moa” Momoa’s deep voice flowed smoothly through the room.


“Defense only. Fire if fired upon or if there is evidence of clear and present danger: weapons, grenades, bombs, you know the drill. Anything else?"


A scan of the team came up negative. “Very well, kit up. We're on mission in ten. Flight Ops will point you in the right direction. Good hunting."


A chorus of "Oorah'" and they were out the door. Forty-five minutes later they were on descent to the ambassador’s location, approaching their boots-down point.


[TBC in sim]


ASO - Air Support Officer

CQB - Close Quarters Battle

CD - Colt Defense

CD M18 PDW chambered with 6 by 30 - Colt Defense M18 Personal Defense Weapon with 5.56 caliber, 30mm chambered rounds.

Browning semi P40 - Browning semi-automatic P40, a .40 caliber magazine fed semi-automatic pistol.

M68A5 - an antipersonnel grenade.

flash-bang - an M15 concussion grenade, used to distract the enemy.

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