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Alexis McFarland

Settling in.

“Settling in” – Joint Log with Dacia & Alexis

End of Shift, a few hours after end of tonight’s game.


Alexis swung her legs as she sat at the one of the bio beds in sickbay, passing the hours away by playing on her PADD. Dacia seemed to be busy analysing some stuff or another and as well as enrolling her into the Federation school here in the station. That seemed to take Alexis by surprise somewhat, as she thought Dacia was much more organised than that. The fact Dacia didn’t know what school Alexis was to be enrolled in was something she found somewhat amusing.


Also amusing was the Romulan girl she had met in the sickbay after her arrival here. Annisha seemed to be quite eccentric. She wasn’t sure if that due to Annisha’s personality or if most Romulan children were like that. She had never met a Romulan prior to today, so it was something she’d have to look into later. But Annisha seemed to be pretty fun to be around, and hoped to see her around the station more often, most preferably, someplace other than sickbay.

Soon enough though, Dacia finally finished her analysis of the various brainwaves and neurological scans of the various crew who like her, was transported onto that mysterious planet or whatever that strange place she and the others were in. Dacia couldn’t get it out of her head. Seemed way too real to be a dream, and too much of a coincidence for so many others to have been there with her. Sighing, she quickly found Alexis tapping away quietly at her PADD.


“Sorry you had to stay here so long, Alexis. But I’m finished now. Let’s head to my quarters and get you settled in. I know a certain pug that is dying to see you” Dacia said, smiling. Alexis got up and picked up her carry-on bag and followed Dacia out of the sickbay. “That’s alright I guess. Sickbay seems to be a pretty popular place. I didn’t think I’d meet anyone so quickly here”

Dacia nodded and pressed the button on the turbo lift. “Yes, it seems to be a pretty happening place for some reason. I can’t really put my finger on it” she shrugged. “So how do you like it here so far?” Dacia asked as they entered the turbo lift. Dacia called for her deck and the lift began its descent. “It’s nice so far… though that Romulan girl is a bit weird, in a nice kind of way, I guess” replied Alexis.


“Annisha? She’s a good kid. You both seemed to get along quite well, despite having just met” mused Dacia. “Yeah, I guess so. Well, so much the better I guess. Nice to start knowing people my age” Eventually, the lift arrived at their deck. Dacia opened the door to her quarters. Chester realising someone came home jumped off the chesterfield and towards Dacia and Alexis, in his perpetually happy puppy dog expression on his face.

Alexis reached out and scooped up Chester giving him a big hug as they entered her quarters. After Chester was all hugged out a few minutes later, Dacia led Alexis into her quarters. Before, it was simply a spare room, but the second bedroom in Dacia’s assigned quarters is plenty big enough for Alexis. “You need any help unpacking, Alexis?” Dacia asked through the door. “Uhh, no thanks, I’m okay” Alexis replied back.


“All right, sweetie. I’m going to take a quick sonic shower and a change of clothes, then whilst you unpack. Afterwards, I’ll show you around the station a bit, if you’re up to it” Dacia said. “Sure yeah, that’d be cool” Alexis responded as she put away her clothes, glad that United transported her luggage to the right quarters, though that probably had more to do with Aegis Ops rather than United itself.


As Dacia showered and swapped her Starfleet Uniform for a loose dress, and some sandals, Alexis finished packing and changed into one of her pink blouses. She exited her room, and ran over to Dacia giving her a big hug. Dacia smiled and hugged her back. “Ready?” Alexis nodded as Dacia strapped a leash onto Chester’s collar. “All right, let’s go”


Dacia, Alexis and Chester spent an enjoyable time touring the station, some parts even Dacia was seeing for the first time as well. Alexis marvelling greatly impressed at the park and pond. “Wow, I like this. Holographic sky and sun and everything” Alexis marvelled. “Yeah, they did a great job here with the park. It’s probably my favourite part of the station… well maybe besides the shops” Dacia smiled.


They also briefly toured the children’s centre, and the Federation school she’d be attending, located in the same secure section of the station as the Romulan Children’s Home and Education Centre. “I guess you’ll be meeting your teachers in the next school day” Dacia said. “You must be hungry. Let’s hit the concourse level and get a bite to eat. I really can’t be bothered to make anything today for dinner”

“Long day? You seemed really busy today” Alexis said. Dacia shrugged. “You can say that, yeah. It’s a pretty long and complicated story. Perhaps I’ll tell you about it one day” she replied. A short lift ride later, they once again found themselves in the seemingly always crowded concourse section of the station. Making a beeline for the food courts, they perused the various food vendors, selling any all sorts of different cuisines from throughout the Federation worlds and beyond.



“Anything in particular you fancy, dear?” Dacia asked. Alexis looked around, overwhelmed at all the selections before finally selecting a nice Italian restaurant and some pasta for dinner. After dinner, they continue to stroll around the shops. Dacia never really appreciated her cousin’s taste in clothes for Alexis, and having looked over Alexis’ wardrobe was eager to help class it up a bit.

Visiting several clothing and shoe stores, they had a fun time selecting a whole new wardrobe of dresses, blouses, skirts and shoes, including some pairs of really cute sandals and other accessories. “I’ve always loved that we both have the same sense of style” Alexis said, as shopping for Alexis proved fun and easy for Dacia.


With their purchases in hand, they eventually made their way to a large toy store. Dacia smiled as Alexis ran in and looked around. They picked up a new boomerang as well as the new Starfleet Captain Barbie and Commander Ken dolls and some assorted stuffed teddy bears and a stuffed targ. “We have your pre-order for the Starship Barbieprise” said the cashier. “It should come out within the next month. We’ll let you know when it arrives”


Alexis’ eyes widened. “Ooh! You got me the Barbieprise too? You’re too kind, Dacia” Dacia only smiled. “Don’t thank me, Alexis. Your parents were the ones who pre-ordered it for you, not me. Though Captain Barbie and Commander Ken are from me” Alexis smiled her thanks at Dacia. “I’ll be sure to thank them later” she said, clutching her Captain Barbie doll. Not long after that, they returned to their quarters. Dacia helped put away Alexis’ new clothes and toys before both were ready to turn in for the night, after Alexis’ daily chat with her parents.


“So, how do you like it here?” Dacia asked. “It’s nice. I’m glad to be here with you, and I’m sure I can be able to make a lot of friends here hopefully” said Alexis. “I’m sure you will, dear. You’ve already made one not even an hour after you’ve arrived. Wish I can be as lucky” said Dacia. “Heh, thanks” Alexis replied. In her pyjamas, Alexis climbed into her bed and settled in. She extended her arms out to Dacia who gave Alexis a final hug for the night. Dacia smiled and bade Alexis a good night before shutting off her light and heading to bed herself.

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