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Alexis McFarland

Bio: Alexis McFarland

United Federation of Planets: General Consensus Biographical Files

FILE #: AC-836779-S





Name: Alexis Maria McFarland

Nicknames/Aliases: Lexi, Lex

Race: ½ Human/ ½ Betazed

Gender: Female

Citizenship: Federation Citizen

Place of Birth: Bridgeport, Connecticut (North American Continent, Earth)

Date of Birth: Stardate 55623.77 

Age: 9

Height: 4’6” /1.40 metres

Weight: 62.8 lbs/28.5 kg

BMI: 15.1

Hair Colour: Brunette (long, usually tied into ponytail/pigtails)

Eye Colour: Brown

Build: Slim, Slender



Parents: Robert & Mariah McFarland: Federation and Betazed Diplomats assigned to Sky Harbour Aegis

Paternal Grandparents:  David and Sarah McFarland (David - President & CEO of Federation Express - one of the largest freight and logistics companies in the Alpha Quadrant).  

Maternal Grandparents:  Alvon Sandero (Grandfather, civilian farmer) and Dreianna Sandero (Grandmother - Governor El'Nar Province, Betazed) 

Siblings: None

Other Family: Dr. Dacia Sandero , Commander Kestrel Sandero (Mother’s first cousins)

Family Valet: Mr. Moht (same species as Mr. Homn, the valet of Lwaxana Troi)

Pet: Dariah (Betazoid Cat, kitten)



Rank: N/A – Civilian

Location: Sky Harbour Aegis

Education: Grade 3 Student (Bridgeport, CT), transferred to Grade 3 program, Federation Educational Institute on Sky Harbour Aegis.

Student Profile: Brittany Davis, 2nd Grade Teacher – James T. Kirk Public School, Bridgeport, CT


Alexis is a bright young girl and scores quite well in standard testing, with her scores ranking in the top 20% of the class. Alexis is relatively friendly and outgoing, but was a little slow in making friends, and was fairly shy and quiet at first. However, she did later learn to open herself up and make friends in her class. Standard aptitude testing reveals that Alexis’ intelligence is well above average. She was a fairly active student, usually only answering questions or reading assignments when asked.


Medical Information: (Betazed Medical Centre – Lake El’Nar -Star date: 63908.1)

Psi Rating (out of 10, based on average for half-Betazed children aged 8-10): EMPATHIC – 6.5, TELEPATHIC – 6.0

COMMENTS: For her age, the subject has a fairly good knowledge and grip of her telepathic and empathic abilities, scoring a little above average amongst half Betazed children her age. We are confident with continued training; the subject will have a firm grasp of her abilities when older.


Last Physical – 64739.08 (27 Sept. 2387, 18:24) – Bridgeport General Hospital, Bridgeport, CT

Dr. Gary Travis M.D.,

RESULT: PASS – No medical issues to report. Alexis is in fine physical and mental shape with no prior history of major mental or physical illnesses or injuries. No physical or mental health issues to report. Alexis has no known food, medical or other allergies.

Alexis is of a healthy weight and body mass index, is largely attributed to her interests of staying active and healthy; as she is very athletic for a girl her age, and possesses an excellent degree of dexterity, peripheral vision and hand-eye co-ordination.


Interests: Alexis’ interests are varied, but include playing with her dolls and stuffed animals, playing sports, football (soccer) in particular. But she also likes to embrace her feminine side; Alexis’ favourite colours are purple and pink, and she enjoys dressing up in her blouses and dresses. She also likes going shopping as well. Alexis’ favourite foods are cola, meatballs and pizza. Alexis also likes to be active and enjoys outdoor activities, like canoeing/kayaking and swimming. Alexis loves all kinds of animals (her cousin Dacia’s dog in particular) and nature in general.   Alexis likes being with her friends on the station and hanging out with them. She especially enjoys hugging and doting on her Mithran friend Miana.  Alexis can also play the Vulcan Harp, which she took lessons for when her parents were assigned to Vulcan.  She has an adequate knowledge of playing the instrument for a non-Vulcan child of her age according to her music teacher.  


Psychological Profile: Alexis is a friendly, affectionate and social girl who tends to get along with most people she meets, though is sometimes a little quiet and shy at first. She is especially close to her grandparents (especially her paternal grandparents), parents and to her mother’s cousin Dacia, whom she considers to be like a  big sister to her. Her bright and cheerful personality and general happiness, enables her to make friends relatively quickly.


Strengths: Alexis is very athletic and academically smart. She scores well in school and in physical education. She is also a good singer and enjoys karaoke. Alexis possesses an average physical strength for a 9 year old girl.  She is also a pretty fast runner and is considered to be a very strong swimmer and enjoys being in the water as much as she can.   For the most part, Alexis does display fairly good common sense for someone her age.


Weaknesses: Alexis is bad at cooking, and is afraid of clowns and will go to great lengths to avoid them. Though her strength is average, Alexis has no knowledge of self defense and hand to hand combat. As is the case with most children, she is also prone to get herself into trouble at times when she is not careful. Alexis is also quite impressionable, and can at times be easily swayed into doing things she otherwise knows she shouldn’t. Alexis is also ticklish in some parts of her body.




Alexis is the only child of Robert & Mariah McFarland, who currently serve as diplomats for the Federation and Betazoid governments. Though she has grown up in her father’s hometown of Bridgeport, Connecticut, she with her family has spent many years moving around the quadrant to whatever posts her parents are assigned to. She has grown up in a loving family, but did not particularly like having to constantly move all the time and make new friends and re-adjust to her new surroundings, only to move again in a few months.


Alexis has lived in several cities on Earth: Bridgeport, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Paris, London and Geneva, and also several planets throughout the Federation: Betazed, Vulcan, Alpha Centauri and Andoria. As such, she speaks several languages, including English, French, Betazed and a little Vulcan. Despite having lived in these different places, Alexis speaks in an American English accent consistent to natives of the Greater New York City Combined Statistical Area (which her hometown Bridgeport is part of).


After her parents were assigned to Andoria as Federation Ambassadors, Alexis felt like she wanted to stay in a place where she could socialize with other children without having to worry about moving away. She also did not like the brutally cold Andorian climate and had trouble socializing with the children there. Plans were to have Alexis stay with her grandparents on her father's side who she had a very close relationship with, but due to her grandparents' business commitments with their company and packed travel and work schedule, they decided this was not an ideal option as Alexis would not see much of them. However her loving and doting grandfather does send Alexis a very generous allowance each week to ensure that she is happy and has everything she needs or wants.   


Agreeing that Andoria wasn’t the best place to raise a human child, Alexis’ parents agreed and sought out a place for her to stay and settle in until she grows older, or until their assignment in Andoria ends. Eventually, with no other family member able to take Alexis, it was arranged that she would stay with her cousin Dacia on the brand-new iteration of the Sky Harbour Aegis after agreeing that the station would be a fine place for Alexis to grow and make friends. Given the close relationship between Dacia and Alexis, and as well as the numerous child-friendly amenities the station features, it is expected Alexis will do well there as she continues her education in this new location. Alexis is enrolled into the Grade 3 program of the Federation school in Sky Harbour Aegis.

In 2388, after being separated from her parents for several months, Alexis' parents were reassigned from Andoria to Sky Harbour Aegis to serve as Federation and Betazed Diplomats to the region of planets in closest proximity to the space station.  Her parents and family valet arrived on Aegis in late May - early June along with their family valet Mr. Moht and new Betazoid kitten they named Dariah.  They now reside in a diplomatic suite together in Aegis' VIP section.  Due to her parents' status as diplomats as well as her being the granddaughter of a wealthy business magnate, Alexis is assigned a small security detail which accompanies her wherever she goes for protection and to ensure she stays out of trouble.  



Bio - Alexis McFarland.pdf

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