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Byblos entered the guest quarters Lt Wrench had been able to grab from Command to conduct his investigation into what was wrong aboard the USS Caine. An array of Labtop Padds, some bigger than his own enlarged Padd were set upon the table. One looked like it was projecting a 3d image of some sort of ODN grid.


"Glad you are here big guy. I appreciate the two days alone you gave me. This data I have been digesting is immense in quantity, especially since the engineer's logs were made available."


"The Chief Engineer is the only crewman that could of pulled all these incidents off over the past three months. He is the only crewman to possess the access to the ODN and EPS network to its full capability."


"This has been going on for three months?" Byblos replied in surprise. "No wonder the Captain lost it."


Wrench adjusted this projector to the saucer section then to the entire USS Caine in a wireframe projection. "The first incidents occur in two distinct clusters. The captains quarters and the Command deck as noted by the red dots."


"The Captain was clearly targeted by the Chief of Engineering. Seeing this."


It would appear. Let's continue the the incident ticker. Now the incidents start appearing all over the ship. As I pause here. This is when the Captain is relieved by the senior crew of the Caine. We continue to play until here the last incident three days ago with a message on the Command deck Viewscreen.


Oh yes I saw that one. "I am in control you pests." A very powerful statement. Byblos added.


Yes and the CENG is in the Cargo bay held by our security teams during the last two weeks of minor events. Look at the ship and the incident dots. It is quite...disturbing.


The entire ship has had problems..starting three months ago. So you think Chief Engineer Stark is innocent?


Wrench sighed. " I think so..but I can't clear him for the incidents when he was CENG..what we have here may be another cadet doing things..or an associate of the CENG?


"Usually saboteurs work best alone." Byblos commented. "Can you rotate the ship...like a spin view...not just this view?"


"Sure." Wrench spun the graphic . "The history of Earth would prove you wrong on your single saboteur point Big Guy...they worked in teams in Earths greatest conflicts before we got out of the---


"Stop!" Byblos interjected..."back 35 degrees...down 20."


Wrench altered The projection of the Caine to meet what ever Byblos saw on the total incident report. "Okay what am I looking for...oh wait..I think I see what you are referring too that area of no incidents deep in the ship"


"Yes, what would be there?" Byblos asked.


"The Caine's Central Computer Core. If a Saboteur was using the the Core to distribute commands....wait a second.." Lt Wrench rose and grabbed a PADD studying it...then another..then yet another."


"What are you doing"


"Let me think here...oh geez. Okay I need to do something with the ship Map here..what we are going to see is.....Command trace lines...but not inputted commands by incident victims or equipment .just computer core outgoing..and."


The map of the Caine reappeared with Brown lines all over the ship leading to red dots. With further adjustments of the view and a zoom in the command traces.


"Oh heck this is out of my league Byblos. The computer is what sent out the commands that led to the incidents. The ODN network was used to carry out the incidents including the one that led to the Cadet's death."


"But I have seen the Computer Core of the Creek it is huge. People tend to it outside. Although I have heard you can enter it but it is like cold in there."


"Right because the Computer of a Starship is a humdinger of a heat producer. But even the terminal outside the Computer Core that monitors the Core itself you cannot just designate I want a shower on deck 12. It is remotely done via the ODN from the shower itself..not the Command Console in the Computer Core access room."


"Which has not had an incident according to your data." Byblos added.


"And the people who did use that console were engineers now in the Cargo Bay for detention. One of our guys took over the job." Geesh..The Computer cannot do this on its own.."The Plumbing"

doesn't work the way...what we are seeing here is a Computer giving remote commands and overrides to ship systems Byblos!" Wrench uttered a profanity.


"So I have to ask the question Engineer Wrench? Has a Starfleet Computer ever been hacked before?"


Lt Wrench did not even respond...He knew what Byblos was getting at. The Caine's computer had been seriously corrupted beyond belief..three months ago. But what happened Three Months ago?

"I am not use to talking to the Boss Byblos..but..Captain Calestrom is not going to like the potential ######storm this vessel might be in danger of. And I don't want to be anywhere near it right about now."




ODN- Optical Data Network

EPS -ElectroPlasma System

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