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STSF Seiben

A Letter to 'Lani'



It feels like ages since we last had a chance to converse. I imagine we’re both quite busy in our respective roles in Starfleet. I hope you’re doing well on the Toronto, and I’m certain the crew here on Aegis miss you and send you their best wishes. Speaking of, as I’m sure you’ve heard by now, we are all now settling into the new Aegis.


The new station looks nice, and the shops are now starting to open. I’ve had a chance to browse around the new shops after my shift today. Happy to see that there is plenty of selection and the women’s shops all seem to have the latest in haute couture fashion from around the galaxy.


I picked up a new red evening gown, a pink silk nightgown and a lovely pair of arch-less platform high heels at a new designer shoe store that just opened up in addition to some Jimmy Choo pumps, sandals and handbag. (Let me know if you want me to order you anything; I’ll have it couriered to your ship ASAP).


Settling in rather nicely though as I believe this new Aegis is larger than the old one, getting around still proves to be a challenge at times. The station boasts a large park, arboretum and pond/creek/brook (or whatever it is; a small body of water with a little waterfall in it).


I like to take Chester for walks in it after work, and he really does enjoy it. He still doesn’t seem to think the park is holographic, and I haven’t the heart to tell him otherwise. (Being telepathic sure does make pet ownership so much easier!) Chester is doing great here as well.


He currently serves a therapy dog for the Children’s Centre here and he and the other therapy animals are doing a great job keeping the kids happy and entertained. In addition, by the time I take him home at the end of the day, he’s exhausted and mainly curls up on the chesterfield next to me (or on my lap) and sleeps, which is another plus.


Chester seems to enjoy himself there and gets along well with the kids there. Nice to see the program is working so well. How are things on the Toronto? I imagine you’re spending quite a lot of time in the Gamma Quadrant and stuff. I don’t think I’ve ever been there and hope it’s nice there.


That Commander Standard looks like a nice chap from the letters you’ve sent previously. Nice to see you’ve struck such a close bond with your crewmates in such a short time. They all seem to be pretty friendly and adventurous. It’s always nice to see in a star ship crew.



I’m sure you get to do a lot of science-y stuff over there and I’m sure it’s all very, very interesting. I’m sorry I never had much of a chance to send much letters lately, but with everything going on with the Klingon attack and transferring to the new station, you can understand if I didn’t have the time.


In the interim between stations, we were all crammed into the shipyard; crew, civilians and the like. Space was extremely cramped. Had to share a quarters with Lt. Felicia Smith, from Security, I believe. Or was it Engineering? Nice girl had a strong Southern US accent. I think she was either from Alabama or Arkansas. Hmm, I forget which.


Like I said, nice person, but she is a right old slob, clothes strewn about everywhere along with all her other stuff. As I like to keep my surroundings tidy, it made living with her quite stressful. There were more than a few times where I really considered asking for another roommate, but I managed to live with it.


Nonetheless, we came to be good mates in the end of it all. She got along very well with Chester, and I have seen her a few times on the new Aegis and we had dinner or tea together at Starbucks (yes, we have a Starbucks here. All we need now is a Wal-Mart and we’re set) as well as a few (real!) beers at one of the pubs.


Being with Felicia is nice when I visit her and go back to my own quarters afterwards, but I wouldn’t want to room with her again if we had to do it over. I’m pretty sure she feels the same though I didn’t read into her mind to confirm that.


Anyway, now that I’ve pretty much settled in and mostly know my place around the new Aegis, I thought I’d take the time to send you another letter. It’s been awhile since I last saw you and I really miss you! - L


I don’t know when you’ll be in the area again, but I hope you can drop by and visit us soon and I can show you around the new Aegis. It really is pretty nice, and I actually do like this one better than the old Aegis. It’s too bad I didn’t serve on it long enough to really get attached to it, like most of the other crew and inhabitants here.


Sending my love and all the best! Wub!! :3


- ❤ ❤ ❤ Dacia

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