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Cptn Swain

Season 6: The Game Has Changed

Excalibur, Season 6

The Game Has Changed


As we first explored in Season 5 "Transitions," the Gamma Quadrant is changing. The Dominion is caught in a maelstrom; with the Founders gone, the Vorta have found difficulties in managing the complexities of a multiethnic Empire founded solely around the idea of order. The various client races they control have begun to tug at their leashes, some have openly rebelled, while others have tried more democratic ways to separate themselves. Though the weapons smuggling from the Alpha Quadrant has largely been curtailed, tensions continue to rise as the Dominion struggles to adapt to the transitioning landscape of power.


As we’ve seen first hand over the duration of last season, the Dominon’s weakening has been a mixed blessing for everyone. While a number of races have found themselves free for the first time in generations, they’re now faced with difficult problems sometimes beyond their own abilities to solve, and many of which are the legacy of years of forced subjugation. Others have found themselves swallowed up by emerging powers who’d long remained nascent in the shadows of the Dominion. And for the first time in the collective memory of anyone in the Quadrant, the Dominion seems to be on the verge of a major internal conflict as Taenix has revealed to her compatriots that the Founders have abandoned the Dominion.


The Scorpiads for their part, remain in a state of flux. They are a dying race. Not only are they no longer able to construct their terrifyingly powerful organic vessels, but their own reproduction has come perilously close to stopping. As their power wanes, their own ‘children,’ the Eratians and the Al-Ucard continue their rebellion, forcing the already wounded Scorpiad to make a choice: do they continue to fight, or do they slip slowly into the shadows?


As the two hegemons of the Gamma Quadrant face twilight, the powers of the Alpha Quadrant face questions about themselves and their continued participation in the politics of the ‘Dark Quadrant.’ The Romulans are on the verge of their own ‘revolution’ as the thaw in relations between the Empire and the Federation has given birth to a new era of liberalism, which in turn has caused pushback from the more radical, conservative forces within their society.


While the Federation has continued to expand into the Gamma Quadrant, supporting over 20 Federation colonies, and began the process of building a second starbase, Lyonesse Station, at the GQ Terminus of the wormhole, forces within the Federation also seek to undermine our allies. The Dominion War brought sweeping changes to the Federation, and now we must look into ourselves and see if we like those changes. There’s also a lingering question: if another war or crisis were to erupt in the Alpha Quadrant, would Camelot be worth the resources?


As we begin the first part of a new season, Commander Hawthorne and I hope to address the continued changes in the Gamma Quadrant in more depth.

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