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STSF Seiben

Untitled Log

USS Challenger – Orbiting Qo’noS


After considering the input from his crew, Captain Ja’Lale felt there wasn’t really any other alternative. Thanking the crew for their time and expertise, Ja’Lale handed over command of the bridge to M. Capt. Granger and headed off to the ready room to compile his report to send off to Starfleet.


While it was disappointing they couldn’t realistically do anything about or with all the radiation around the affected area, he did figure it was for the best. As Officer Sabin so eloquently stated “even politics have to give way to practicality “. After compiling his report to Starfleet Command, they replied a half hour later. They agreed. “We too had our best scientists on it, and we couldn’t come up with a viable solution either” the response stated. “All our solutions would bring little change to the radiation levels and bring the Klingon economy to total ruin… and probably ours as well”


“The Klingons won’t like it, but what can you do? You set out what you were supposed to do, and the air filters around the capitol that your crew set up is already showing signs of positive effect. Please extend my gratitude to your crew on behalf of Starfleet. I have already expressed the same to the other captains in the fleet. Best- Admiral James Grundy – Starfleet”


Captain Ja’Lale sipped a glass of seaweed tea (a Chelar delicacy) and read into the reply. He hoped their efforts were enough to sustain the relations between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Being one of those who supported Starfleet’s initiative to provide the Klingon home world assistance after the Praxis explosion, spearheaded by Mr. Spock, Ja’Lale hoped that wouldn’t go to waste.





The atmosphere around the Council Chambers was raucous after receiving their report from Starfleet Command. A Klingon general banged his fist on the table. “Humans… good for nothing, and leaving us to deal with this problem on our own. Honourless p’taks…” Sitting at the head of the table, Chancellor Azetbur held up a hand to calm him down.


“Calm yourself, General Mok. There is nothing anybody can do with the radiation around D’Takka other than to wait for it to dissipate. The area is sparsely populated, and is of little economic importance anyway” she said with a dismissive wave of her hand. “It is best to follow their recommendations and set up a quarantine zone around the area, 200 km2 should be more than enough,” she said looking at a map of the radiation spread situated in the eastern half of the continent.


“I’m sure Starfleet will be the first to tell us that it is our fault Praxis exploded in the first place” chimed in General Tang. “They do love to ‘rub in our faces’ if I may borrow one of their expressions. “But what of that fleet of theirs orbiting our planet? We have little use for them now. We should send them packing, before they get any ideas of overstaying their welcome”


Azetbur glanced over at Tang “Agreed. They have done what they have set out to do and now their services are no longer required. Contact Starfleet and inform them that their fleet is to leave Qo’noS immediately. However, the medical team already in place led by that Deltan could stay and continue their operations. I imagine they will be busy with the influx of people coming from the east”


There was some mumblings from the generals, but as the doctors were no threat, they eventually agreed. A message was sent to Starfleet informing them of the same.




“Well, that was quick” replied Ja’Lale, now back on the bridge looking at Admiral Grundy on the view screen. He had just received orders to wrap up and leave the area as soon as possible. “Did the Klingons seem upset or anything?” he asked. Grundy shrugged “No. I don’t think so. I doubt our relations improved much because of this, but I also doubt they have worsened. They did seem grateful for your crews’ assistance in setting up the air filters. By the way, before you leave, I want your engineering staff to train the Klingons on how to safely maintain and monitor the readings from the filters.”


Ja’Lale looked and nodded “Okay. I don’t think that should take very long, and we should be ready to go within a few hours” Grundy acknowledged “Great, and again good job to you and your crew. Starfeet out” With that, the screen went blank. Captain Ja’Lale settled into his seat. “The Klingons sure are interesting, I must say”

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