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Facility 78628 JAPSB - Joint Allied Powers Star Base

Facility 78628 JAPSB - Joint Allied Powers Star Base

Captain Chirakis, Mr. Roberts, SubCommander Jorahl, and Dr. Pavilion


Sky Harbor Aegis, Facility 30218 UKRFCB, was well past its prime. Considering the attacks it had endured, the number of internal accidents and acts of sabotage, a few relocations and an unexpected trip into subspace, it should have been replaced long ago. That it took a full scale attack by a Negh’var Class Klingon warship under the command of a deranged Klingon-Bajoran captain to jerk the powers that be out of their pocketbooks and consider replacing it did not speak well of the Allied Powers, but it got the job done. That's all that mattered.


After several weeks of studying its layout and watching the various corps of engineers assemble, test, and install the systems, it became more and more obvious to Captain Chirakis that the latest incarnation of Sky Harbor Aegis - Facility 78628 UAPSB - had been built as a first line of defense along the border, along with Joint Task Force Aegis: USS Missouri, USS Tsinghua, USS Anhui, RSE Praetor and IKS Fek’lhr. Its mere presence spoke of authority, and it raised questions in the captain’s mind.


Did Design and Construction Contractor Rov actually search for and find the station, or had it been conveniently placed there for him to find? Why had the Allies been so forthcoming with funding, equipment, and personnel after decades of dearth? Why here? Why now? What are the Allies not telling us?


Paranoia? Hardly. Foresight and knowing what goes on behind closed doors leads to discretion and vigilance.


The top saucer section, decks 1 through 69, housed a military base capable of serving 2800 personnel attached to Aegis and the Allied Powers. Decks 14 - 16 provided spacious quarters for 140 senior officers, 380 officers, 800 junior officers, 1200 enlisted personnel, and 200 civilian specialists. Quarters ranged from 1600 to 2150 sq ft, depending on rank and purpose, all customizable at the occupant’s expense.


Gone was the patchwork Control Tower. In its place stood a Command and Control center overlooking the commercial section of the station. The present C&C module incorporates work centers for C&C staff, office space for command personnel, a conference room and a staff lounge that allows duty personnel a chance to recuperate during alert status situations, while being moments from their stations.


One way transparent aluminum comprises the outer perimeter viewports and floor, as well as a 6 panel transparent viewscreen with holographic overlay. A holographic situation display table is surrounded by Strategic and Station Operations, and workstations for the Executive and Commanding Officers with command offices located two steps up and to the rear of the module. Alternate Tactical and Security, Engineering, two science stations and two mission configurable stations complete the workstations, allowing complete control of the station from the C&C.


The Primary Medical Complex, under the direction of Dr. Pavilion, rivals any facility in Starfleet. It and the Children’s Home are located in the central core. At the urging of Dr. Pavilion and with the approval of the RSE, the Children’s Home is restricted while it is surrounded by the arboretum and equipped with advanced educational facilities.


As Kirel studied the holographic station display that hovered above her desk, her attention wandered to another monitor. Outside the station, work drones darted along the station’s exterior, occasionally disappearing on one side, only to reappear on the other. Freighters docked at the ring like lampreys, attached to the station while they deposited their cargoes, then detached for other destinations. In the distance, a mere dot on long-range, a section of Facility 30218 UKRFCB slowly receded from view. Without a second thought, she raised her glass.


Q’plaH. Beidh tú díoghal’ar.” *


* Klingon and Sindarin words of salutation.

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