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Bailed Out.

Not one hour after Byblos had been placed in a holding cell, he was a free Nausicaan.


His liberator was one Colonel Dixon, a Starfleet Intelligence Officer who was all apologies. In fact he would not stop apologizing until he took Byblos to his Office, deep in the core of Harrington Base.


Dixon used a dermal scanner to access the office. The Secretary just glanced up looking at Dixon and went back to work, and Dixon led Byblos to his office.


"I am so sorry about the mix up with Security Mr. Byblos. Please understand, the few Nausicaans that have been to Harrington were not Federation Operatives." Dixon smiled offered him a seat and a caf.


Byblos took the Caf and gestured his height and pointed at the chair.


"Oh how insensitive I am. I hope you don't mind me taking a seat. Arguing with Security can be tedious sometimes." Dixon again smiled taking a seat. "Well where to begin?"


"I thank you for getting me out of the Brig, but may I ask why you did it?" Byblos took a sip of the Caf which was quite good he decided.


"You are a Federation Operative. They just thought you were an ordinary Nausicaan on the loose" Dixon answered.


"Uhm, not certain how to say this. But I am not a Federation Operative I am under employment with..


"Ah yes the Black Kris of Course!" Dixon quickly interjected the fact while looking at a PADD. "Yet Mr. Byblos you have not had one contact with your employer since arriving on the Comanche Creek with quite an entrance!"


Byblos mentally swore.."Why could it not of been on of the crew that got him out?"


"You see Mr. Byblos, you've been actually working on the Comanche Creek not for Lady Mareena. You have been reporting to Captain Calestorm not the Black Kris." The Colonel continued.


Byblos looked at Dixon oddly.


"Yes, and you have even flown Combat Air Patrols for the Federation and not to long ago..a rather heroic Search and Rescue Mission in the middle a Fighter fight, taking four Federation security guards with you with basic medical training..I have it here.." Dixon quickly pulled out another PADD to CAGs that have submitted commendations of valor for your crew of the "Mule" as you call it."


"I was only following our CAG's orders." Byblos quipped in.


"From a Federation Officer. Byblos, you've been taking orders from Federation Personnel. Not the Black Kris"


"I am not a Member of the Federation. I did not graduate from your school on Earth. I don't think they would accept Nausicaans. We are vicious ,dangerous and not smart enough to even get though an entrance exam before killing an administrator."


"You haven't killed anyone on the Comanche Creek..and you were helping to save lives twelve hours ago." do not sell yourself short Mr. Byblos." Dixon replied seriously.


"Okay...I am a Federation Pet. Your point?"


"Don't sell yourself short. In fact in my mind you are ..and can be a valuable asset to the Federation as you already have been. Would you consider becoming an operative for the Federation in the Orion Sector?"


Byblos Laughed. "Are you kidding. Did you know I killed a Orion Cartel Family member..I wouldn't last long at all. Thank you for your praise but not interested."


"Byblos," Dixon stood with a very serious face. "Clearly we have underestimated the Orion Sector. People who we thought populated that sector were Pirates, Slavers and Smugglers in a patchwork of Cartel quasi States. Included a group of people we, until recently knew nothing about. And their combat tactics are completely different than what we expected."


"I thought you sent an entire team in to learn about the Dragoons." Byblos commented.


"Yes we did and all we got was a name, and a battle we were not ready to fight." Dixon was now standing right next to Byblos looking up at him.


"Colonel, my apologies for Colonel Tavington being missing. And I know I am going to find out some new found friends are dead back on the Creek once I am allowed to board her again. But I've done a few jobs that would probably give me away to the Dragoons. Since you know I am a mercenary you know I can say No. And I am going to say No. There is no incentive for a suicidal mission of the sort. I do not know who this " Wraith" is. I am sorry."


"Byblos, your friends on the Comanche Creek are going to be demanding a shot at the Dragoons after what happened..::checks his chrono:: yesterday. You'll be heading back with them against the Dragoons again. Why not use the skills you have and give your crew the info before they go hunting for the "Wraith."


"Colonel Dixon I thank you for getting me out of the Brig and this...excellent caf. But the answer is no. Have a nice day." Byblos started to exit his office.


"You'll be back Byblos. And I will be waiting. And oh thank you for the Fighter Image. We are analyzing your Flanker now."


Byblos exited before Dixon finished.


After Byblos left Dixon picked up a PADD and made a few notes. "Confirmed. Definitely not an ordinary Nausicaan, Genetically Altered. Forget the Blood work."

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