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Byblos was disappointed he could not actively defend his new found friends in battle. And by far that was the biggest battle the Nausicaan had ever seen in space. Of course he had not been off world enough to probably be a judge.


Byblos could see the four security guards pressed into service for SAR duty, Able, Baker, Charlie and Delt ; were getting some rest. Well earned for what they had to do, and given such a long flight to Starbase Harrington. He was a bit tired himself. But Byblos had something to do.


Byblos had passed the time working with the flight recorder, gleaning data on what the Mule's sensors had recorded. It took him a few hours to pin down what he was looking for. Once he had the imagery data he took a data PADD to download what the Mule saw. He wanted to make certain the Fighter he saw a few years earlier was the same fighter that participated in the attack of the Comanche Creek.


Sure enough it was, or to put it more correctly it was a fighter of the same type. And it looked very much like one of the Federation fighter's he grew so familiar with..the Tomcat. Was it the same pilot? There was no way of knowing. He didn't take the female magnet human who loved to show of his fighter but always said don't touch...was the pilot that tried to destroy the Creek.



What did he call that idiot who used his fighter's clean looks to get the women he wanted. Byblos thought he just called the guy Fighter-pimp. Well in anycase now he had an image of the airframe that may of confused some Federation fighters. It was only 2D, but he hoped it would help.


A few hours later the Mule dropped out of Warp and the Security Quadruplets were awake and anxious to get aboard the Starbase. Starbase Harrington was huge, Byblos had never seen any Space structure of the like. The Security Guys were quick to point out this was a station of "modest" size and he needed to see the one orbiting Earth.


The two escorts the Mule had peeled off as the Mule was ordered into a section of the Space Station. Byblos confirmed, steering the battle scarred Mule into a cavernous bay. From there the tractor beams pulled the Mule where it was intended to be placed for a major cleaning.


Byblos looked at the PADD and wondered if the Leaders on board would be interested. Maybe, maybe not. He hoped he just wasn't arrested on the spot. Captain Crash did send this station his file right?



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