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Cptn d'Ka

Je'rit d'Ka, Captain, USS Missouri

=/\==/\==/\=Starfleet Personnel File=/\==/\==/\=
D’Ka, Je'rit
TS/SCI* Clearance Required


Name:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Je'rit d’Ka

Current Rank: . . . . . . . ..Captain

Current Post:. . . . . . . . ..USS Missouri, Starfleet Border Patrol Command

Current Assignment:. . . ..Commanding Officer, USS Missouri

Species:. . . . . . . . . . . . ..Sindar

Place of Birth: . . . . . . . ..Aerangis, Bai’le System - location XXX

Date of Birth:. . . . . . . . ..Federation Date 2280; Sindar date 25.994

Height:. . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 m (6’8”)

Weight:. . . . . . . . . . . . . .93.4 kg (206 lbs)

Color of Hair:. . . . . . . . .silver

Color of Eyes:. . . . . . . ..vary according to mood

Color of Skin:. . . . . . . . .varies according to environment

Blood type:. . . . . . . . . . .universal donor

Distinguishing Marks:. . ..none known

Distinguishing Ability:. ...telepathy

Relatives:. . . . . . . . . . . ..none known


The Sindar are inhabitants of the Bai’le System: four habitable planets and three uninhabitable planets that orbit binary stars Gh’rian mor and Gh’rian mion. The location is classified. 

For thousands of years their civilization prospered, sequestered on the outer fringe of the galaxy. They were a peaceful people - diplomats and scientists, erudite analysts and eager explorers of the universe. Favoring
isolationism for the security of their species, they seldom ventured beyond their borders except for scientific exploration. Despite their peace-loving ways, they became skilled warriors and developed highly advanced technology and weaponry as an astute hedge against the possibility of incursion from less-peaceful beings.

Unfortunately the Sindar were eventually compelled to defend themselves from interlopers who found the system to their liking and sought to purge the system of its original inhabitants. The war was short-lived and brutal. Entire families were systematically eradicated during the genocide, one of which was that of Je'rit d’Ka. While he was in command of a Sindar warship that was defending another planet, his parents, his bondmate, and their five children were killed in a massive attack on his home world of Aerangis.

Fortunately, the conquerors became the conquered, and the Sindar realized they could no longer remain aloof from happenings outside their system. They formed no alliances but did negotiate a mutual agreement with the Federation.


Sindar telepathic ability, unless carefully guarded and judiciously used, can be more dangerous than their advanced weapons systems. For that reason the Sindar strictly prohibit unsanctioned travel outside their system. Captain Je'rit d’Ka is one of a handful who are sanctioned, and one of only two in Starfleet as part of the agreement brokered between the Sindar Aillíocht and the Federation. Though they are allowed free travel, their command purview is limited to the outer regions of the Federation and its allies. After two years’ orientation with Starfleet, Je'rit d’Ka was posted as commanding officer of USS Missouri, one of the newest Akira class refits assigned to Starfleet’s Border Patrol in Aegis’s sector. 

The physical presence of a Sindar is best described by Dr. Amanda Davis, Counselor for Aegis, in her log, First Contact. 

“As the captain navigated the corridor, his footfalls, though purposeful, fell silent on the decking, and his every move carried all the grace of a dancer. His eyes were focused and penetrating, their color changing from lavender, to blue, then to a deep hazel hue, depending on his mood and the intensity of his concentration. Silken strands of flaxen hair were cropped in regulation cut just above delicately pointed ears – which ears, Amanda knew, registered sound well outside the range of human hearing. His skin glowed periodically, the result of an intricate neurological system whose subcutaneous sensors detected subtle biological changes in those around him. Altogether, he had the aura of an ethereal being.” 

Je'rit d’Ka is bondmate to Chirakis Kirel, Chief of Security for Sky Harbor Aegis.  The circumstances of their bonding were unusual.  The story can be found here: 


*TS/SCI - Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmentalized Information

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