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Someone to Watch

Byblos was quickly gathering his gear as he read the Doctor's report on the creature known as Tch'ana. And what he read he did not like.


He already had his armor plate on, and readily attached a Federation COMM-CAM to his shoulder. He also decided to wrap his upper torso with his Knife vest. His favorite Blaster cannon would not do any good given the close proximity to the medical staff. He did not want to kill any Federation Doctors. He selected his own Disruptor Pistol instead. It simply fit his hands better than the Federation's smaller humanoid Phasers.


Tch`ana was not of a species the Federation knew. He certainly had never encountered anything like her before. To stay hidden in a shielded box compartment for over three days? In such a contorted position? Amazing. Lack of Knowledge and what abilities this alien had already shown gave Byblos a big danger sensation. If she chose to escape, she could outmaneuver him in close quarters.. but ,she'd pay a price for it getting around him.


Byblos noted the word that alarmed him the most: "Shape shifting Potential."


Attaching a Federation Tricorder to his waist and finally his deployable forearm blade which had saved his life more than a few times, he sincerely hoped the Captain would keep this Tch`ana separated from the Con Man Mudd and in a Force Shield cell.


One thing Byblos did know. Given Tch`ana's rap sheet provided by Dr. Ta`ral; this gal was not going to be released. She was destined for a Federation security facility. And that meant she would attempt to escape the Creek before Ta`ral found a way to put her to sleep. That is what the Doctor would do? Wouldn't she?


In Any case, The Doctor was requesting Byblos' help. Well, he would provide it the best he can to keep a very dangerous woman contained.

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