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Cassie Granger

Say what...?

Say what?


A mission seldom goes as planned; that’s a given. No matter how well trained you are, no matter how good the team, shizzle happens - some your fault, some not. You can lose your way (often known as stupidity), you can lose your focus (known as mission creep), or you can lose your commander (known as… well, let's not go there). This mission was all of the above and more. The mission creep was more of an about-face since it’d completely changed from recon to S&R, and the loss of the commander definitely rated those words that aren't for polite company.


The shuttle seat got more and more uncomfortable as MCpt Cassie Granger’s head cleared and the realization of what had just happened sank in. Visions of her AAR (After Action Report) flicked through what brain she had left, and what little bit of brain she could reason with had a monster in it that was trying to beat its way through her skull. But a little attention from Dr. Hanson and her head began to clear… putting a new spin on things.


“That was a dust bowl," she repeated - just to be sure she heard what she thought she heard, "and it took the commander.”


“Yes, ma’am,” said Kal, clearly in the same questioning mode.


“And the shuttle’s disabled.”


“Yes, ma’am.”


"Damn, that’s not going to look good on the resume," Cass muttered as her sarcasm sprung a leak.




“Nothing, Gunny. Take point on the perimeter. I want Lt. Sylvanis here to take a good look at these birds. Put Souter, Hect, and Daniels on three-point overwatch until we get things sorted out. Send Moa over.”


As Kal moved off, Cass turned toward the remaining group. She, Lt Randall, Ens Sabin, Lt Sylvanis, and Dr. Hanson could be stranded here, so they needed to assess and plan. And they needed to do it fast. If they weren't stranded, they needed to get away before anyone else disappeared. If they were stranded, they would serve as Challenger’s boots on the ground to find out who, how, and why someone or something took Cdr Rinax. And they needed to make plans for survival.


<<TBC in sim>>

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