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14 Minutes of Game Play

14 Minutes of Game Play


After a Dradis* warning that he was about to exit the Fighter Simulation boundaries, Byblos dropped out of warp and began a parallel course with the "Enemy Creek."


It was quite embarrassing what Byblos did. He fled. He did what he would of done as a Pirate flier meeting a vastly superior target. The Nausicaan had momentarily forgotten he was not piloting a Pirate Fighter but a Federation Tomcat Fighter, as told by the deck crew ...A Federation Starfighter one should not "tussle" with.


Embarrassment flooded Byblos. Jumper counted on him to do a flyby of Creek's outer defenses..and that he did. But right after the flyby he lost contact with Jumper, and Tom-16 as Creek unleashed Jamming that would probably fry a Vole if it were on deck of the Creek.


So what to do now. He was out of contact with the mission leader..all by himself. That Human intel officer probably thought he just stole the fighter!


Well the Game was not over yet so he had to do something. He had no communications with the rest of the fighters that were out on patrol. Nonetheless, he tried again.


+Jumper+ This is Tom-13 do you read...


The comm audio was static. And a few more tries proved useless.


So that was it...then continue the Mission alone. He was not going to win this one. But he still had orders to defend their. "Keep" from the "Creek."


Byblos tried to remember all he knew about the Creek on his still, short time aboard. How she operated, where her weapons were..where to land..where it's huge single warp engine was located.


The Nausicaan unfolded a thin, Dradis Panel near his ship...a Navigational one. From there he checked his Dradis again...The Barn had not launched her own attack birds yet..thank the Gods..So Byblos plotted his run against the "Enemy Creek" it would be a quite a hook...and if the fighter stopped right..he'd be charging literally right into the Creek's aft Engine area on a Z-axis ..He did not even KNOW if his Missiles would work against "The Creek"...they were to take out enemy fighters right? Well maybe 8 will be enough.


Byblos adjusted his flight position and dived...he flew a while until he was in a Warp Jump position. Next he entered his coordinates, planning Creek moving.


Several Minutes had gone by...the simulation was still going. Perhaps "Jumper" might prevail. He hoped so. He was more nervous than he would be on a job. It was embarrassing. His flight gloves were getting sweaty. More time..


The Computer Spoke "Warning Course Projection suggests possible Collision with Target Vessel"

Byblos Ignored the Warning and punched his thrusters followed by RCS adjustment for his final drive...


"Computer: Override Collision Safeties...Accept Launch Protocols for MK VI Torpedoes on designated target .All weapons remain on training mode.."


Computer: Course set. Maximum IDF fields will be employed. All Weapons in Training Safe mode. Navigation Safe Mode overridden.


"Confirmed" at ...Byblos noted 13 minutes had passed. "Warp 2 Engage!"


Byblos began his run with the Computer taking him into the Fury of the "Comanche Creek's" defenses...even if it were a simulation.


" Wasn't this supposed to be fun? " Byblos thought as the stars turned to streaks.




*Dradis- Byblos created term for his Radar screen that has been modified for him to view it better.

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