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Unproductive Time.

Lt. Wrench was clearly mad.


"I cannot believe that blooming idiot Deth almost got himself killed on a Spacewalk to simply clean some emitters. What an idiot. You spill your tools, everyone knows in EVA 101 they are not worth a life. That guy should be dumped back at Harrington!"


Byblos poured himself some water from a pitcher. "I take it his career is finished."


"I would have him off this ship for such stupidity," Wrench made his voice quieter. "Gone..I thought Security trained people with some sense."


"I have received no training since coming aboard."


"That is different. You are not Starfleet. You are more of a mission specialist." Wrench countered quickly.


"A specialist whose advise is not being heard. Tell me, is your Captain really going to take the ship after a con artist?


"MUDD? We've encountered him before. Wrench supplied some information. And no I don't trust him, but I am not the Captain of this ship. Remember Big Guy you got to work on trusting your superiors better." Wrench advised.


"Captain Crash is hard to understand. She is withholding the creatures we found at the old space station from Your Intelligence department. I do not understand. Why..they seem not worth the trouble here or the trouble she is in with her intel people."


"Byblos, trust your Captain." Wrench tapped the Nausicaan in the foot to emphasize his point.


"I sense she is going to pursue this Mudd fellow. After looking at the reports from your past encounters it makes no sense to do so. The man is baiting her into something for only his benefit."


"Dammit Big Ugly, why don't you just take over this ship and run it the way you feel comfortable."


"I'd follow the trajectory of the Olympic Carrier to find out who the hell sent her. To leave such a topic shelved is a ...


Byblos was instantly soaked by water from Lt Wrench's glass. "Let me tell you something about serving aboard a Starfleet Vessel Big Guy. You stand by your Captain. You trust your command team. Anything else is just anarchy on a vessel that can cause a lot of harm. Do I make myself clear Specialist Byblos?"



"Yes.....sir?" Byblos replied slowly as Wrench left the table with an air of disgust. The weight of not amounting to anything again sank on Byblos. Perhaps he should just leave the Creek the next time she pulls into Harrington. He could always cancel his contract with Lady Mareena. She hasn't asked him of anything. What the hell was he doing on this ship anyways aside from agitating people.


Specialist Byblos rose to leave the mess for his scheduled flight simulator time.

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