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RAdm S.Coyote

The Twerk (That Which Has Been Seen)

The following log takes place after our 48 hour TBS and prior to the 11.18.13 Sim…


USS Comanche Creek

Main Science Lab, Observation

April 20, 2261


"Look at the one little dude in the back, right there Shauna," Cale indicated with a gesture the mech-spider she was speaking of, it's carapace and legs a patchwork of small copper, silver and matte black colored panels, "it's obviously been used, repaired and re-used for whatever. Our MED-SCI and Engineering teams have found additional evidence from the limited program buffers as well."


Admiral Shauna Coyote eyeballed the spider in question. "So you feel as if these USB Spiders aren't a threat?"


Crash looked at her commanding officer askance and considered a sarcastic response, was deflected by said commanding officers 'don't go there' eyebrow and instead answered with a "No, Shauna…I mean c'mon! If a group of 'em ain't in sleep mode, they're doin' the dang Conga."


"Actually, I believe that is the Hokey-Pokey..."


"Ohhh-kaay. That's not disturbing…."


The captain pulled her attention from the dancing spiders and shook her head to clear it, again turning her focus on the other woman. "I'm not sayin' these things can't be dangerous. We know US* originally intended the Beta Spiders for use in Security. But this batch is a mis-match of parts and limited programming, aside from years of sales and changing hands in private collections or as conversions to kid's remote controlled toys, as that Intel report showed us."


She spread her hands. "My people are working on this. The early reports show Mudd did something to sidetrack the little buggers from causing havoc and downloading data from the listening outpost. That message he imbedded in the one big Spider? The recording infers he got himself tangled up with the Dragoons."


Coyote cocked her head to one side in speculation and asked Cale, "You want to send a rescue team in?"


"No way. Taboo Cat* and her people are already on point in the Outlands; have the boys and girls keep doing the undercover thing and confirm any leads on Mudd. For now."


"You don't think the Dragoons will kill him?"


"Harry Mudd's a survivor. He'll be fine 'til we can corral him."


"And the Olympic Carrier?"


"Ambitious idea, sloppy job. Let's assume the Dragoons captured and then launched the missing pleasure ship months later? The Widows Run access corridor is irradiated six ways from Sunday and travel access from the Outlands is limited. But… Harrington Base is still here, obviously." Calestorm shook her head. "If we had a true professional group, I think thing's would've gone way south way too quick."


She cocked her head and continued speaking to the Admiral. "You remember when we were neck deep in the Cartel Wars?"


Coyote gave a half smile. "Of course I do."


"And you agree it as a large-scale dust up? I'm not saying these current Cartel skirmishes ain't an issue, 'specially if we have smaller non-Orion groups like these Dragoons gettin' involved."


The FTR commanding officer gave a low growl in her throat. "I know Mudd's recording was distributed, but I want your verbal breakdown. What's Mudd's part in all this, Crash? Your opinion, off the record."


"Goin' by our little adventure with the M-5 creature and the evidence we found in that transport crate, he likely started an illegal cargo company. Karma came around to bite him in the ass and he got stuck in a hostile takeover, shanghaied with the Dragoons. But, he's doin' his own guerilla warfare." She indicated the spiders to illustrate the point she was making and then said, "Hell, even a rogue like him realizes that certain other rogues are bad for business."


A companionable silence settled between the two friends as they observed the USB Spiders and then Admiral Coyote brought up another matter to be discussed. "Colonel Tavington would like your skin on his office wall."


Ashton made a rude sound, the snort equal parts amused and weary. "Then he needs to get in line. Lot's of people have wanted a piece of me over the years. "


"Indeed." A rare happy-go-lucky smirk snuck its way across the Admirals features. "I heard Commander Wesley deflected him quite well."


The captain smiled and gave a little two fingered salute of agreement as she glanced at her commanding officer. "If I didn't think she'd be insulted I'd suggest my XO go into the Diplomacy Corps."


"Not that you're not always a pain in the rear end, but you're being even more ornery than usual. What's going on Crash?"


"I don't want that British – no offense Doctor Maturin--" Cale called across the office area to the Acting Chief of Science, who also hailed from the British Isles of Old Earth.


Maturin responded with a wave and said, "No worries and understood Sir," and then turned his attention back to a desktop monitor showing a schematic of the Spiders.


"--Desktop Warfare Geek to get hold of these guys is all! He'll probably expand the original tech to make more of the Spiders and turn 'em into some" the ships captain waggled her hands to illustrate her point, "weird ass IED army and launch 'em at the Klingon home world."


"Colonel Tavington is no Admiral Marcus*."


"Ah understand that. And I know that he and his Intel team are on site to help us protect Harrington Base. Just…see what you can do to get these guys remanded into the custody of his Bosses, bypass Colonel Tavington on this. In the meantime let my people continue watching over them. Just a hunch is all."


Coyote looked at her line officer, her expression speculative and calm with a hint of humor. "Fine. I'll see what I can do to sidetrack the, ah, British Desktop Warfare Geek."


"Hell, he probably used to play on-line game that was so popular years back. Pirates vs. StarCom: Space Battles? Or whatever it was called.…" Calestorm paused and glanced back into the observation room that held the Spiders. "What's that little group doin'? The Hokey Pokey?"


Maturin had walked up beside the two senior officers and said, "No Captain I believe that is known as 'Twerking'. It's a rather questionable dance popular with younger adults."


Crash did a face to palm gesture.


Admiral Coyote responded to that tidbit of information with, "That which has been seen cannot be unseen…."


* United Syndicate

* Call sign of CDR Kansas Vacer JoNs of the USS Washington Crossing (SPECOPS ship and crew on assignment to the First Threat Response Division)

* Admiral Alexander Marcus (Star Trek: Into Darkness 2013)cleardot.gif

Edited by RAdm S.Coyote

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