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RAdm S.Coyote

The Dragoons

= = Encryption Level Ghost 17-54 = =

= = Harrington Sector Joint Protection Detail = =


To: Starfleet Intelligence, Border Patrol FTR, Marine Corps SPECOPS, Starfighter Operations Command

From: Colonel William Tavington, Starfleet Intelligence

Re: Orion Cartel Inter-Factional War


SI agents deployed to the Outlands have reported that the Dragoons have resurfaced and are involved in the internal and factional skirmishes of the Orion Cartel. The civil war remains confined to the outer Mingo territory for now.


The Dragoons were originally active in the skirmishes between the Federation and the Orion Cartel (2228 to 2231). Reports from our agents indicate the riff raff are commanded by a pirate who is known only as ‘The Wraith’. As with their forebears they employ light attack tactics, using starfighters and shuttles for guerilla attacks.


The debris analyzed from the intercepted shuttle and the Hornet 20 dash camera footage of the fleeing starfighter indicate standard civilian class craft with the usual modifications favored by pirates and smugglers; current speculation is these two unknowns were advance Dragoon scouts.


Questions as to who modfied the Olympic Carrier remain unanswered as the Dragoons do not appear to have the necessary equipment or numbers to handle such an undertaking, according to our field agents.


The DIY ships and crew from the Border Patrol, Marine and Starfighter Divisions will remain within the Harrington sectors and attached to Harrington Starbase to provide added protection.


William Tavington, COL

Starfleet Intelligence


= = Encryption Level Ghost 17-54 = =

= = Harrington Sector Protection Detail = =

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