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STSF Seiben

Not 'Goodbye', but 'So long'

"So, what do say, Leilani? It's a good opportunity if I do say so myself" Leilani did think about it, and certainly was a good opportunity. The little ship impressed her during her tour with Commander Standard; the science lab had all the toys she was accustomed to on the Aegis and the opportunity to gain some valuable command experience as second officer was also something worth considering. She'd certainly miss the folks at Aegis though; it was the only place she'd served on


Though he didn't have any telepathic capabilities, Standard knew the look of indecision on Leilani's face. "You won't be too far away from your friends on Aegis. We are afterall, part of the patrol fleet in this area so we'll never be too far away most of the time" he said reassuringly. "Of course, that's good. I could use the change of pace, and I think my assistant is more than ready to take over as chief there. Alright, then. I accept" she replied. Standard was a bit surprised her decision came so quickly, not that he was complaining. "That's great, Leilani! You'll fit in really well with the rest of the crew, you'll soon see they're all really good at what they do, and are generally good folks. The captain will certainly be happy to hear this"


"Yeah, thanks. I'm sure they are" Leilani responded. "I'll inform your captain and commander of your transfer and submit it to Starfleet. We'll have an introductory dinner at Quark's for dinner tonight, if you want to meet them all, our treat" Standard suggested. "Sounds good, it's always good to meet your future crew mates as soon as possible, I suppose" Standard smiled. "We'll meet at Quark's at 1900. I'm glad you accepted, it'll be just like old times again" he said. Leilani chuckled. "Yeah, well, hopefully we won't lose touch again like we did after you finished academy. I was kinda disappointed you hardly wrote after you got your assignment on the Archer" she said, somewhat jokingly.


"I'm really sorry about that, Leilani. I just got so busy in my work, kept putting it off for later, until it got to the point where I'd thought I'd be a jerk for finally responding all that time. I know, no excuse, but I'm a man, and that's the way most men think" Standard said. "Cheeky sausage. Could've wrote a simple "hi, how do you do", you jerk." retorted the doctor. "Well, I am sorry I never wrote. I hope we can start our relationship on the right foot again... and you really need to stop getting your British slang from Dacia too" he said cheekily. "Seriously though, I am glad you're one of us now. I'll see you at 1900."


Some time later


Having already penned a farewell letter to the captain and crew and informed them of her transfer to the Toronto, Leilani returned to her quarters on the Aegis to pack up her things. This always was the saddest part, and really made the leave official. A part of her was sad to leave. Lots of memories and friends on the station here, but it was nice knowing that they'll be close by most of the time. With all of her possessions in boxes and crates, a yeoman from the Toronto loaded them onto a hover cart to take them to her new quarters on that ship. With one last solemn look around her old now empty quarters, Leilani checked her chrono and headed down to Quark's.


As Standard predicted, Leilani soon befriended the rest of the Toronto's staff. Leilani could already see the bonds forming between them. Over a round of several beers and "medicinal" Romulan Ale, they made their introductions and exchanged stories. Leilani couldn't help but offer up some of the antics she and Standard had during their academy days, which were many. Standard took them with good humour and even retold some more, which Leilani hoped to forget.


"So young and foolish those days.... good times" Standard said. As the hours past, Leilani grew to like her new crew mates. Nothing says "bonding experience" like getting drunk with your fellow crew. With fun times had by all, Leilani staggered back to her new quarters on her new ship, for the first time. Though it looked pretty much the same as her quarters on the Aegis,she looked around at what was now her new 'home'. Given her rank, it was one of the more larger quarters on the ship, despite the ship's smaller size. Though it was much smaller than her previous quarters on the Aegis,it was still large enough for her and her wardrobe collection.


Walking past the boxes and crates which the yeoman left for her, Leilani decided to put off unpacking until the morning and went to bed. She didn't know why, but Leilani always had a little trouble sleeping in new places. The bed didn't feel quite 'right' and the surroundings were unfamiliar, even if all the quarters in every ship or station in the fleet looked more or less the same. Despite the excessive amount of alcohol in her bloodstream, Leilani's brain kept her from sleep and processed the situation.


Leilani would miss the Aegis, and all of the crew. She hoped Lawliet would do well as chief science officer, which she was certain she would. She took this, as an opportunity to send him a message, wishing him well as his new capacity as CSCI, how much she enjoyed working with him in the past and her hope to continue doing so in the future, and to take care of the experiments she left behind. As she reminded her self, she wrote in, it wasn't so much "goodbye" as it was "so long", it'll only be a matter of time, most likely sooner rather than later, before their paths cross one another again.

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