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Bio: Rov

Subject: Rov

Biological: Male Catullan.


Rovishon Profile Pic.jpg

Rov is a retired Starfleet officer now owning and managing a cargo transport company and space construction firm. He has a limited partnership with a Ferengi mining operation now in the Aegis asteroid field.

He designed and owns the cargo ship Lit By Moonlight. It is one of the fastest civilian cargo ships of it’s size. At nearly the size of a Galaxy-Class starship Lit By Moonlight can reach warp 8 at full capacity. It is operated by a mostly Catullan crew.

Lit By Moonlight.jpg

The orbital construction firm Rov owns is comprised of mostly Ithenites. He acquired the firm when the former owner retired.

Ithenites: Long time members of the Federation, they are very short by most humanoid standards and can be identified by their bronze to gold colored skin. (Seen on the TOS episode Journey to Babel) [Yes, Rov has Minions]


Catullans: Humanoid species recognized by their multi hued hair. (Seen on the TOS episode Way to Eden.)

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Catullan Office of Records



Subject: Rov



Dynastic: Ishon of the Twin Moons of Jahavic, Coora of the lineage of Drodasha

Service: Starfleet Commander (retired), A'Ma'or of the Army of the Ishons (retired)

Commercial: Owner and CEO of: Drodasha Designs, Twin Moons Transports, Strata Heavy Industries, Dayen Orbital Works


Biological: Male Catullan.



Grandfather: Morishon, last Ishon of the lands of the Drodasha (deceased)

Father: Ithven, Regent in exile. (deceased)


Mated: Shreesha Jovna [Catullan] (deceased)

Progeny: Starfleet Lt. Shirla Jovna


Jilsha [Catullan](Status unknown)

Progeny: Kenum (status unknown)


Lt. Commander Novar [Human] (MIA)

Progeny: None



Soon after birth Rov was left in the care of monks on the Catullan mining moon Moris. He was raised as an orphan with no knowledge of his heritage. In his early youth he quickly began spending more time on the streets than within the halls of the monastery. Several events led to his need to leave the moon for a time and he joined with a free trader bound for areas along the Romulan Neutral Zone. This ship and crew would eventually be captured and imprisoned for acts of piracy. However no charges were ever brought against Rov having returned to Moris several months prior to their capture. During this time he was involved with two woman leading to the births of his daughter and son.


With few options open Rov applied and was quite surprised to be accepted into Starfleet Academy. In the academy his performance was adequate and indiscretions minor enough that he graduated and was assigned Starship duty. Originally assigned to the USS Shiloh but a shuttle incident delayed his arrival before the ship set off on deep space exploration. He was reassigned to the USS Illustrator as helmsman. After the death of his daughter's mother he became her primary guardian.On board Illustrator Rov would meet and marry the human named Novar. Shortly after they both took a two month leave of absence from Starfleet.


While onboard Illustrator Rov became aware that he was a Coora, the carrier of ancestral knowledge. In the exploration of the memories he carried he also learned of his royal lineage. His grandfather had been the last Ishon (or king) on Catulla to be forced to abdicate. The Great Abdications were taught in history as a peaceful shifting of power from noble houses to elected councils but the truth was far from peaceful. In the years of exile many of the Ishons gathered support to reclaim their thrones. During his LOA Rov met with these leaders. The Ishons had marshaled a force capable of retaking the planet but a large percent marched under the banner of the last Ishon, Rov's grandfather Morishon. Without the command from Morishon's rightful heir they would not act.


Rov accepted his birthright but forced the other Ishons into a new strategy. The Ishons parked their armada's in orbit of Catulla and intimidated the planetary council to negotiate. A deal was finally arranged which established the Ishons as sovereigns over the moons of Catulla, each according to the sizes of their original kingdoms. Most of those loyal to the Ishons had migrated to the moons over the decades and a good percent of the wealth of the Catullan system lay in their moons. Rov would be made Ishon of the Twin Moons of Jahavic. They were the two richest moons but also the ones most likely to resist a change in government. In an attempt to maintain peace Rov named the existing ruling council as his own, assigned his armies to their service, and after a brief tour returned to Starfleet leaving the council as stewards of his realm.


Returning to Illustrator Rov was named Chief Engineer. Within a year of returning to service his wife Novar would disappear while attending a conference on Andoria. Investigations found nothing and six months later she was officially listed as MIA. After this Rov transferred off of Illustrator and was assigned as Chief of Operations of Starbase 48. When the Dominion War broke out he was promoted and assigned as Commander of the Beta Ceti Magnus V Shipyards. At the end of the war Rov decided it was time to retire from Starfleet. This decision was aided by an Admiral's attempt to have him court-marshaled for striping his ship for parts in repairing other ships bound for the front lines.


Rov returned to the Twin Moons of Jahavic in an attempt at a peaceful retirement. What he found was his council mired in scandal. He would spend the next three years reforming the council. After this he found he was no more willing to take on fully the role of Ishon than he had before. But, until his new council could prove itself his subjects would not accept him departing again. He would remain in the Catullan system for the next two years pursuing commercial interests.


During his pre-academy career Rov had amassed a sizable fortune, though certain factors made this hard to access. With the ending of certain statutes of limitations he pooled these to start a starship design firm called Drodasha. The success of his early designs funded his own transport company, Twin Moons Transports. This led to his ambitious plan to design and build Warp 8 transports. He acquired the Ithenite shipbuilders Dayen Orbital Works and began work on the transport Lit By Moonlight.


The ship was built and quickly broke speed records for a civilian ship of it's size. However Rov found only frustration in the ships early uses. It's speed meant little within the Catullan system. Most of the trade networks within the Federation were based around small transports hopping from one planet to the next. The ports of call with enough traffic to make use of her size were well claimed by established trade companies. Looking for undeveloped trade lanes he became aware of operations in the far distant Aegis Sector.

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