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Turning Rihannsu?

[Joint log, Jylliene/Jorahl/Ramson - takes place shortly after the sim, SD 2387.179]


Jylliene ran the simulations of a scenario in which the Aegean would use the asteroid to block the link with the Narada, and use that link as a scan. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem terribly hopeful. When she had the computer compare the type of information they were likely to get to what had already been gleaned from the Narada, the probe, the Nei’rrh, and the Aegean's brief “mineral” scans, it calculated a ten-to-fifteen percent chance of finding anything further. How significant that information would be, if they got it at all, would be unknown.


There was also the distinct risk of those on the Mist Station finally figuring out that such a scan was far from innocent, and being compelled to act. The communication link was indeed predicted to result in a spike in the station's communications system, which would be rather the opposite of subtle.


Wait, a spike in the station's systems?


Jylliene re-ran the simulation to confirm. She checked into the load capabilities of the Aegean and Narada, and ran the simulation again; this time, with the ships intentionally ramping up their output to 60% of their maximum. Then again, at 80% of their full load. The resulting spike predicted for the station was something that seemed quite probably capable of disrupting systems fairly significantly. Which systems might be a little bit of a gamble; but if they wanted a distraction on the station, this could do it.


The Ops officer grinned slowly as she amended her report to add the last simulations.


"SubCommander? The report, sir," Jylliene said, still with a lingering smile on her face as she handed him the PADD.


Jorahl took the PADD, other thoughts obviously on his mind. The numbers played out more or less as he had figured, a shot in the dark. The last data set, however, gained more than a passing glance. An eyebrow raised as he glanced at the young Ops officer, then back to the simulation data.


“Almost Romulan thinking here. Though, I guess a few things can be picked up when in close quarters for long enough.” Jorahl turned quickly without another word. If the wording took the Trill off guard, he didn’t have time to enjoy it.


After a few brief words with Commander Ramson, both turned and headed towards the port bridge exit. As she stood, Kallah said, “The SubCommander and I will be in astrometrics. Lieutenant Kital, you have the bridge.”


“Yes ma’am,” Jylliene replied as calmly as possible, watching as they left. The SubCommander’s comment, coming from him, she would take as a compliment. That she now also had the bridge? This was definitely quite a day.


Jylliene sat down in the command chair, watching as the relief ops officer stepped up to the console, and exhaled quietly.

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