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Lost Bloodlines (JL of Amanda and Annisha)

Lost Bloodlines


From her vantage on the midway’s second level, Amanda could see two Romulan adults with a young girl who looked very much like Annisha, the Romulan child she had seen with Nijil. The captain was adamant about keeping the children safe, and, lack of parenthood experience aside, it seemed like an enormous task. Still, she would do her best.


Annisha seemed preoccupied with her amulet, so Amanda gave her a quick smile and turned to the two adults. “Hello,” she said, nodding in customary Romulan greeting. “I am Amanda Davis, Counselor in residence for the station. Are you Annisha’s adoptive parents?”


The as-yet parents looked at each other. “Yes,” the tall male spoke first. “I am Jolar and this is my mate T’Nari.” Both nodded simultaneously. The woman watched Amanda carefully, shifting her glance to Annisha. Jolar continued. “Background checks and other administrative matters delay the adoption, but so is the way of bureaucracy. It is so sad to see so many children left parentless after the Great Fire. T’Nari is unable to have children, so this is our only route. Have you known Annisha long?”


“No, not long,” Amanda replied, “but I have watched her quite a bit. She’s very bright, you know. Very capable. I do hope you have plans to further her education in that regard.”


Jolar nodded in agreement. “There are indeed good sources of education in the A’Tari system. The fourth planet has a rich agricultural base, but there are others avenues for her to learn as well. I am trained in administration and my mate has background in finance.” He turned and gave a slight smile to her, then turned back to Amanda. “She has lost months of study as it is, so the sooner the papers go through the sooner she can grow.”


“Oh, I certainly agree,” said Amanda. “Unfortunately the holdup comes with the horrible devastation of your home world. My deepest condolences.” She paused briefly. “Along with the tremendous loss of life came the loss of records, of course. We are doing our best to get that all sorted out. I hope you understand.”


“We both thank you for the words. The loss of life and home is truly regrettable.” Jolar searched for his own words. “I don’t know a single Romulan who did not lose someone or something of value to them. While we are not as passionate as Cardassians in our record keeping, backups are scattered across the colonies. It should be only a matter of time before loose ends, as humans say, get tied up.” T’Nari remained silent, her attention now towards Annisha. She studied her movements and mannerisms. “Our transport will be here in a few days. We are hopeful that within that time all can be finalized.” Jolar smiled once more.


His smile seemed genuine enough, but for a moment Amanda’s attention was drawn briefly to Annisha, still toying with the amulet. “I’m sure you are excited to get a child, T’Nari. It will be so wonderful for your house.”


“Our house will indeed benefit from her addition,” a silent T’Nari spoke. She bent down and urged Annisha to come over. “When we saw this rare element of a child without a home how could we not consider her. Intelligent, active, and those hazel eyes.” She seemed to be tearing up. Jolar placed a hand on her shoulder and muttered something. The Romulan woman turned and nodded at him.


“I’m so sorry, T’Nari. I didn’t mean to upset you. Yes, she is a beautiful child and I’m sure you will be a wonderful mother.”


“Yes, and thank you. Jolar says we need to head back to our quarters. If you will excuse us.” She turned to Annisha and gave her a hug. “Hold on tight to the amulet; it’s been in my family for a long time.” T’Nari kissed Annisha farewell then stood alongside her mate.


“Jolan tru Amanda Davis,” said Jolar.


“Jolan tru, Jolar and T’Nari.” Amanda watched them leave, then turned toward the small hand that suddenly clung to her skirt. “They seem wonderful parents, Annisha. I imagine you’re quite excited.”


Annisha looked up. “Well, they told me of their home and all of the kids there. Lots of farming. My Nijil said his mother and father were farmers.” She twirled the amulet in her hand. “Waiting is the hardest part.”


“Oh, yes. Waiting certainly is the hardest part. And you know what the hardest thing to wait for is?” Amanda’s eyes danced with excitement as she crouched to Annisha’s level.




“Ice cream, of course! Oh, I can never wait for ice cream! Vanilla and strawberry, and especially chocolate. And I believe it’s just about that time to have some, Annisha, don’t you?”


Annisha was already jumping up and down. “Oh oh, yes please.” She kept her gaze firmly on Amanda. “Where is it?”


“Well, what luck! It’s right over here. Come on.”


Hand in hand, within minutes they were seated at the latest midway addition, Kimbal’s Ice Cream Parlor, a replica of the old earth ice cream parlors of the early 20th century, complete with marble bar and soda fountain. Soon they had their favorite cherry-topped chocolate sundaes in tall, fluted glass dishes before them, long spoons in their hands and whipped cream adorning their lips. Half way down the dish their eagerness subsided, each taking a little more time between spoonfuls, which gave Amanda an opening to casually ask some important probing questions.


“Annisha, what do you think of your new parents?”


“They are nice. She is always bending down to talk to me. My new mom asks a lot of questions.” Annisha swallowed another bite. “He’s very quiet. Still nice.”


“Do you believe they’ll be a good replacement for your real parents?”


“Well, no, but they are all I have.”


“I imagine your real parents were wonderful people.” Amanda licked her spoon casually as she waited for Annisha’s reaction.


“Yes, they took me all over ch’Rihan. Parks, zoos, musty museums...lots of places. A whole lot of walking.” Annisha pushed her spoon deeper into the sundae, half of the utensil now buried.


“Really? So did my parents did when I was your age.” She took another spoonful, savoring it immensely. “We went to the natural history museums - which were my favorite - and to the art museums, adorned with absolutely gorgeous paintings. Those were my mother’s favorites. What were your favorite places?”


“Well...there’s a zoo at the capital with only birds in it. A large dome.” Annisha motioned with her hands. “Tiny birds, walking birds, birds of prey.... There are even birds you can ride if you are small enough.” She smiled broadly. “I was always small enough to ride them. Oh, I liked the places with the painted pictures. Some of them were scary. Monsters or people killing monsters.”


Amanda shivered in feigned anxiety, picking at her sundae. “Oh, I remember some of those, too. And have your new parents said anything about going to museums and other places? Have they told you anything about your new home?”


“Nomm,” Annisha said with a mouth full of cold ice cream. “Only a nice quiet home, kids in town, farms as far as the eye can see.” She cocked her head to the side and thought for a moment. “I don’t think much else. Just how much they look forward to getting me there.”


“... and your new school,” Amanda added enthusiastically. “I’m sure they’re excited about getting you into your new school.”


“I guess. They said there’s a school there. It’s been fun not going to school, but I miss my friends.” Annisha stared into her remaining treat while licking the remainder on her spoon.


“Well, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of new ones,” said Amanda on a note of anticipation. “Finish up, now. Ms. Isha may come looking and get jealous that you’ve had ice cream and she hasn’t.”


Annisha nodded with excitement and ate the rest of the sundae in no time. “Do you think my Nijil will get back before I have to go? He could not tell me where he was going.”


“I certainly hope so, Annisha. I certainly hope so.”

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