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Annisha - The Bio



Name: Annisha t'Korjata(t’Aldani)

Birth Parents: Unknown, believed to be Tal Shiar agents lost in the chaos of the Great Fire

Rank: Civilian

Department: Not Applicable

Species: Romulan

Gender: Female

Age: 9

Hair: Black, shoulder length, straight

Eyes: Hazel

Build: slender

Interests: sports involving kicking, animals (her pet targ Mr. Cuddles), solving puzzles, working with her hands.



Little is known of her education due to the chaos of the destruction of Romulus in the Great Fire. Aegis personnel have observed many traits indicating academics played a large role in her early life. Upon becoming an orphan her formal education ceased. Testing indicates a high intelligence quotient for her age. Puzzle solving, pattern recognition, people study and cryptography are of particular interest. She shows signs of athletic ability: hand-eye coordination, footwork and energy.

Her education has resumed under the supervision of her adoptive father Nijil, Captain Chirakis and Counselor Amanda Davis. Nijil demonstrates his abilities in engineering and applies his duties to her studies in mathematics, starship engineering and warp theory. She herself has taken up an interest in hand-to-hand combat techniques, training her targ tricks, and sneaking around the station.



Records have yet to be found in her past medical history. The most recent Aegis examination showed her to be in perfect health and in the top percentiles for height and weight. She stands a bit taller than her contemporaries and expected to be taller than average. No signs of broken bones or defects in her genome. Criminals posing as adoptive parents had implanted a subdermal device in the back of her neck as a control device in order to extract minerals from extremely tight locations. The implant was removed with no lasting medical consequences.


Displays a high happiness level considering her parents and any siblings have not been seen for months. On the surface nothing appears out of the ordinary. During an altercation on the Aegis Midway a Klingon threw a knife into a crowd of Romulan children. An engineer jumped in the fray and prevented the knife from injuring anyone. Annisha, relatively unphased, later pulled the knife out of the engineer’s back in a matter-of-fact manner. The incident startled Annisha, but she quickly returned to a calm state. While not an emotionless response, being in dangerous situations appears not to disturb her in a significant way. Observations indicate she is intensely curious and includes puzzles, technology and non-Rihan species. With her curiosity comes a naivete regarding the unknown.

Further sessions with Dr. Davis and Captain Chirakis should flush out a more complete psychological and emotional profile if time permits.

Doctors on Trill removed the implant, but given her nightmares it is believed she suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. Currently her adoptive parent is keeping track of these incidents for any further medical concerns. Over the past few months Annisha has befriended a Betazoid child by the name of Alexis. It is believed she has on several occasions taken her friend on unauthorized adventures around the station. They are both being watched carefully.

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