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Foolish Dreams

(Joint log – well, short log. Branch? Joint branch? Loggette? Twig? Joint Twig? – Jylliene and Nijil)



[sD 2387.178, immediately following Nobody’s Fool]


Jylliene woke with a start and sat bolt upright. She looked around for a moment, disoriented, then noticed Nijil blinking sleepily up at her.


“What do you think of Dr. Davis?” she asked.


Nijil stared at her in puzzled bewilderment.


“Forget I said anything. Night, e’lev,” Jylliene responded to his questioning look. She lay back down, and fell asleep.


Still confused, Nijil quipped, “What did she tell you, e’lev? Jylliene?”


The only answer was the sound of peaceful breathing.

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