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Someone to Watch Over Me

(Joint log, Jorahl and Jylliene)


(Events take place about 2387.172)


The turbolift sped its way down to Engineering. Inside, Jylliene tried to forget seeing the bank of monitors behind which SubCommander Dabi had been seated, intently watching the goings-on all over the station. She didn't really like the atmosphere in main security - she gave them their PADD and left - but then, she wasn't a security officer. They did definitely know their jobs.


As the door opened, she stepped out into engineering and looked about for Jorahl. He was standing before his own array of screens, maps and status updates continually refreshing. She pulled the final PADD from her reclaimed satchel - a cross-body leather case she had found in a crate of old supplies that had been moved from place-to-place for who knows how long. When Jylliene had inquired about the items, she had been told they were terribly outdated and could be cycled back to the replicator. This, though, which had apparently once been used to carry a medical tricorder, she had kept. She liked the feel of it. So when she was handed the PADDs for hand-delivery, Jylliene retrieved it. She felt much more comfortable having them in something versus simply held.


"SubCommander? Secure report," Jylliene said, as she approached him.


Jorahl slowly turned his attention towards the young Trill. He had not dealt directly with the Ops officer much, though he was quite familiar with her. By nature of the position every action at Ops had an instant reaction in engineering. The shifting patterns of energy demands and computer functions, activation of sensors and the communication array, even what subfiles were activated by the Control Tower replicator told Jorahl about the actions and intent of whomever stood at the Ops station. And each officer had a unique rhythm. The Trill had not been on the station long, but the SubCommander felt he had a fair grasp on the nature of the young officer.


"Thank you," Jorahl said simply as he took the Padd, his attention returning to the boards.


Jylliene eyed the displays. She recognized several portions, due to their duplication at Ops. Others were unfamiliar, though she had at least some vague sense of the type of data being monitored.


The Master Display Board could be much like a giant spider web. Everyone on Aegis pulled on its threads. Security's monitoring was obvious by intent. Those who know they're being watched tend to behave themselves. Engineering's vantage point could be more subtle, which Jorahl found more advantageous in most situations.


More subtle and, as evidenced by the sudden chill Jylliene felt, more ominous. While cameras along the corridors and public areas of the station were practically an expectation, this seemed like something more. It made perfect sense that engineering had the capability to monitor what was displayed, but the attitude of the SubCommander standing before the board was something akin to the the person behind the scenes, pulling the strings of his puppets - whether to entertain children, slyly manipulate a ruler, or plot the end of empires. It was one thing to hear such stories; quite another to witness it - and to realize that you yourself are upon his stage.


With a nod and a quiet thank you, she turned toward the lift. The Romulan engineer nodded, keeping his eyes on the boards. Even after the lift doors closed, however, Jylliene could still feel the unseen gaze.

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