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Ops Report 2387.172

Jylliene sat at Ops, watching the activity in the area about the station. Things seemed tense on the control tower. It was understandable, given the coming plans, and the secrecy. The mission would have been enough of a challenge anyways, but with that as well - it meant that planning had to be done either in hinted phrases or while locked down. It wasn’t the type of situation that lent itself to a relaxed crew. It took Jylliene a little while to unwind at the end of a shift.


She focused on the console in front of her.


She was increasingly tightly strung. It happened earlier with each successive shift, and took longer to unwind each time. While Jylliene liked her posting, and the command staff, she found herself sometimes dreading the shift when she got up in the morning. She just wanted to be able to DO something. The day she spent assisting Ramson with interviews had been such a relief in that sense; she felt like she was directly assisting the coming mission.


Which was ridiculous, in a sense. She knew that what she was doing right now, here at Ops, the usual things, were just as important as ever. Moreso, almost. Regular station operations did need to continue, and smoothly, while so much was going on under the surface. A lot was happening ON the surface, for that matter. Jylliene sent another of her regular reports to Chirakis, detailing the number and type of ships in the area, the amount of subspace communications, and the like. This time, the spike in subspace chatter prompted a quick message to the captain to be sure to note that portion of the report.



OOC/Background Notes:


Starfleet frequency 1486 was the comm channel the USS Enterprise-E tied into to listen to the fleet's battle against the Borg in 2373. (Star Trek: First Contact). Assumed 1000-1900 around it.


Max transfer rate of 18.5 kiloquads/sec over subspace channels as per ST Tech Manual, Next Gen

11188800 max kq per 7 day standard week

11188800000 max q per wk; therefore 11.19 max Gigaquads - assuming this as ideal, using 10 as an actual use max

Ops report 2387.172.pdf

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