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Nijil tr'Korjata

Nijil tr'Korjata - The Bio

Galae Personnel File:


Personal Data


Name: Nijil tr’Korjata

Gender: Male

Age: Late 30’s

Height: 1.75 m

Weight: 69.4 kg

Hair: Black, straight

Eyes: Hazel

Body Type: Average

Place of Birth: ch'Rihan

Joined: No


Education History 

Both Nijil’s parents are farmers and as such he expected to follow in the family footsteps. That was until he met a childhood friend at the age of 10. Achel and Nigil were inseparable for over a decade, getting into trouble wherever they went. At the age of 16 the two of them ‘borrowed’ a damaged atmospheric shuttle from a scrap yard on the edge of town. After months of secrecy and a lot of other ‘borrowed’ parts the two of them completed repairs. 

Though his first choice was the Academy, it was the War College that accepted him into their engineering training. A fortunate accident of training schedules placed him in a more hands-on environment of support and smaller craft. He performed well on smaller vessels compared to larger systems of stations and warbirds. The main complaint of his instructors were his tendency to make exacting repairs rather than quick ones and talking back when he believed he was being wronged.

 Psychological Profile 

Seen as a competent officer in his engineering field. Tendency to remain in the background. Curious about other species in a decidedly non-Rihan manner. This was not tolerated while in the RES, but now that he’s attached to a Federation base this is a non-issue. The largest concern of his previous superiors was a inclination to divulge information too willingly. Commanders noting his skills simply kept him in the dark on matters of security. Upon receiving a commission to the Aehallh his outspokenness dropped off. A talk with his brother, already in the service of the Empire, is believed to be the reason.

 While he got along with fellow crew without incident, close friends proved fleeting. Observations upon his post to the Aegis revealed contact with a particular crew member of non-Rihan background. Other data suggests a different profile needs to be established looking forward.


Galae Information 

RSE Aehallh, Third Engineer, all systems.

Sky Harbor Aegis, First Assistant Engineer, small craft, all systems


Medical Data 

An injury to his left hand on the RSE science vessel Aehallh

Multiple concussions and other falling injuries


Family Data 

Father: Niilan (farming, currently missing)

Mother: Barissa (farming, currently missing)

Sister: Jentela, 6 cycles older (teacher, currently pregnant and missing)

Brother: Baroth, 10 cycles older (Last known location: patrolling the far edge of the Romulan empire)

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