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Nijil tr'Korjata

Long and Winding Request

Sky Harbor Aegis Message Utility System (SHAMUS)


Stardate: 2387.165, 13 June 2387

Time: 23:57 hours Aegis time

To: Captain Kirel Chirakis

From: SubCenturion Nijil tr’Korjata

Subject: Request for better quarters


I hope you are well when this message does get your attention. First, let me thank you for taking me in at this station after the confusion and tragedy of the gamma ray burst that decimated Romulus. I know I said I would take any accommodation when offered a position here. The quarters given were small and I did not complain at the time. Now after a slight accumulation of items the room has shown to be too small. I have a collection of processing units and devices to monitor them for scanning subspace transmissions to and from Romulan territory. Tapping onto the stations cores would be a policy breach and not a good show of trust.


My bed now is stuck in its small and uncomfortable configuration. Jylliene, your very capable operations officer, has a particularly comfortable couch I would love to get a replica of, but it will not fit in my current quarters. We have talked at great length about this furniture over our tea sessions. I have sat in it, read in it and even slept in it just to get a restful sleep. I have wondered if Jylliene has done this rather than her own equally delightful bed. Perhaps I could request replicas of both pieces. Almost sounds like I should ask to remain in her quarters instead if accommodations are scarce.


Anyhow, if I am to expand my personal comfort in my quarters I believe my productivity will improve around the station. Jylliene’s would surely improve as well. She has not complained at my overnight layovers, but I am sure if I continue I will wear out my welcome. While I am only a lowly SubCenturion I believe she is the most capable and trustworthy non-Rihan I have ever met. For a time I sat alone in the midways and mess halls until our chance meeting. I have read of how the rest of the galaxy regards Romulans. I expected people to avoid me while stationed at Aegis. She has not said go away or whispered behind my back (is that the right phrase?). I would trust her with my life and that of the Sky Harbor Aegis.


Perhaps I have gone on too long. So to make a long story short is there a way to have quarters roughly the same configuration as Jylliene’s? I presume the same deck would afford the most similar setup. Unless she finds the same deck unsettling. Are there regulations concerning the proximity of crew quarters? Anyhow, thank you for your time and I hope to continue to best your expectations of me and my people.


Nijil tr’Korjata

1st Assistant Engineer, Small Craft Specialist




Nijil sent this out while resting comfortably on Jylliene's often mentioned couch. As he read the request letter to make sure it arrived he stared at it in shock of what information he passed on to the Captain. He pulled the blanket over his head knowing he was unable to unsend.

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