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RAdm S.Coyote

FTR Ground Forces
Mitchell Patton, SFMC

Mitchell Conrad ‘Mitch’ Patton lll


Age: 55

Height: 6’0

Weight: 185 lbs

Skin: White

Hair: Blond, graying at the temples

Eyes: Blue


Affiliation: Starfleet Marine Corps

Rank: Brigadier General

Specialty: Infantry

Secondary Specialty: Intelligence/Counter Intelligence


Current Assignment: Starfleet Border Patrol First Threat Response Program Ground Operations Commander, New Topeka Colony


Mitchell Patton is from a Caucasian Human background born to Shana O’Hara and Hauser Patton. He grew up in the town of Saint Joseph, Missouri (Earth) and attended Maxwell Forrest High School. Upon graduating he enrolled in college and completed a four year degree in Political Sciences.


He enrolled in the Starfleet Marine Corps, completing basic training at Parris Island, Carolina as well as an accelerated commissioned officer training program. Graduating with the rank of Lieutenant, Patton deployed and commanded his first platoon with the Starfleet Infantry Forces during the mining colony wars of Coridian. Mitch would go on to serve on a variety of duty stations ranging from starships and ground assignments to frontier colony outposts.


In 2251, Major Patton and his SPECOPS squadron were dispatched to handle a situation at Federation Colony Outpost Flagg. The outpost had been compromised by the ‘Elite Vipers’, a terrorist faction under the leadership of the ‘Viper Commander’. A pitched battle followed to retake the main colony communications node and rescue of hostages, injuring Mitch and several other operatives. The Viper Commander, escaped capture and it’s unknown if he or she is still active with the pirate faction.


Recovering from his injuries, Patton was released to full duty and would go on to complete several more assignments and continue to be promoted through the ranks. He would also begin to serve within and acquire skills for the Intelligence/Counter Intelligence divisions of the Starfleet Marine Corps.


Mitchell Patton is a personality who is solid and steady, whether you need someone to watch your six or to plant a detonation charge, he is your man. Whatever the mission or assignment he will always provide the backup or assistance as needed and is a firm believer in leaving no one behind. These convictions have not waned as he ‘fly a desk’ as he refers to his administrative command assignments now.


Psychological Notation: Mitchell Conrad Patton lll is clear for his new duty posting to the Starfleet Border Patrols First Threat Response Program Ground Ops Commander. He remains clear of psychological or emotional issues that will prevent him from doing his duty. Case File # 456. - Doctor Minh D. Bender, Starfleet Medical, San Francisco Earth.



Maxwell Forrest – Admiral, Commanding Officer for Captain Jonathan Archer in the 2150’s (see Memory Alpha & Star Trek: Enterprise for further details)

SPECOPS – Special Operations


* Please note that BGEN Mitchell Patton is a Non-Player Character for use on the USS Comanche Creek Sim. Patton will be the commander of First Threat Response Ground Operations and Rear Admiral Coyote's second in command

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Folks, meet our new Ground Operations Commander & Admiral Wile E.'s Right Hand Man, Brigadier General Mitchell 'Mitch' Patton. Image is copyright Hasbro toy line and the 1980's GI Joe cartoon. - Crash


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