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Crash Calestorm

USS Comanche Creek NPC
Joseph Vega, SFMC

Joseph Michael Vega


Age: 34

Height: 6’3

Weight: 215 lbs

Skin Tone: Olive

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel


Affiliation: Starfleet Marine Corps

Rank: Staff Sergeant

Specialty: Heavy Weapons

Secondary Specialty: Small Craft Mechanics


Current Assignment: Starfleet Border Patrol First Threat Response Program, USS Comanche Creek MARDET


Joseph Vega is of an Earth Ango-Hispanic genetic background and grew up in the New York neighborhood of Little Cuba. He was born to Michael Vega, a hover flitter mechanic, and Nadia Vargas, a former Broadway dancer who instructed the local children in various forms of dance.


He completed two semesters in the ROTC and graduated from a two year community college with a degree in Basic Mechanics. Vega applied and was accepted into the Starfleet Marine Corps program at San Francisco, California. Following basic training and enlisted officer requirements, Vega transferred for further training to Mars for concentrations within heavy weapons and small craft mechanics.


Described by former colleagues and current squad mates as easygoing and a good man to have at your back, Vega exhibits keen leadership abilities. Wounded in action twice, Vega is a survivor of the Battle of Vulcan as well as the Siege of Coridian 4. In addition, he has participated in the Orion Cartel skirmishes and the Bates-Martin hostage rescue at mining Colony Praxis One.


Joseph played football growing up and was instructed in the combined arts of ballerina and ballroom dancing by his mother, Nadia. As he grew older, he began to assist his mother by helping the other students in the class. As a result of the childhood sports play and dance classes that extended into his late teens, Vega is very compact and light on his feet yet capable of wielding a ballistics chain-fed heavy machine gun or plasma RPG as if they were toothpicks. He is also perfectly capable of handling an opponent in hand to hand combat and martial-arts level competitions.


Currently promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant, Vega works closely with the Commander of the Aero Group, Chief of Security and the Commander of the MARDET of the USS Comanche Creek to maintain a mixed enlisted and commissioned RRF capable of deploying into any and all situations should they be encountered by the lead response vessel.


Vega is referred to as ‘Jo Jo’ by squad mates, though for deployments his call sign is ‘Big Boy’.



MARDET – Marine Detachment

ROTC – Reserve Officers Training Corps

RPG – Rocket Propelled Plasma Grenade

RRF – Rapid Reaction Force


* Please note that Staff Sergeant Joseph Vega is a Non-Player Character for use on theComanche Creek Sim

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See attached pic for NPC Staff Sergeant Joseph Vega. Image is copyright from the Mass Effect game franchise, the James Vega character from ME3. - Crash


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