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The Wounded

As the Talon hunted for the captured t’Vatrix, worlds away, Destorie N’Dak began to stir. His eyes fluttered open. At first everything was hazy, shrouded in a blur of lights and sound. His lips were dry, and his throat felt of sand paper. Where was he? His last coherent memory had been … what had it been? As he took in air slowly, surely, his view began to clear, and the sounds around him began to take form.


“Sheuiji,” he heard for the first time, “can you hear us?”


It was the gentle voice of his mother. He had heard it in his dreams, calling to him, softly, reassuringly. “Ie,” he managed through parched lips, in a raspy voice. “Ie, ri’nanov”


Taking him into her arms, Sevik embraced her eldest son. Kissing him lightly on the forehead, she smiled. “Welcome back, my son.”


Behind her, Destorie had begun to make out the shapes of the figures. His father stood at the foot of the bed, a look of great relief upon his face. To the left, his sister Savu stood holding her eldest son Meyen; but where were the other two?


“What, what happened?”


“You were injured,” D’Lvon said calmly, as Sevik broke her embrace to look back. “There was an attack.”


Destorie’s thoughts swirled. The last thing he remembered was he was... chasing someone... at t’Ksa’s wedding.


“How … how long have I been here?” He had been injured enough times to know when he was in a medical facility.


D’Lvon hesitated, looking to Sevik. Turning to her soon, she ran a hand through his hair. “It has been several months, Sheuiji. The injuries were significant, and there were complications.”


Trying to set up further, he found the task more difficult than he anticipated, muscle atrophy he considered before settling back down. “What happened?”


“The investigation is still underway,” Rasa said, “but...”


D’Lvon cut her off. “But the authorities are doing everything possible to find out who was behind the attack.”


Destorie shook his head. “I was... I was chasing someone... I do not remember who... or why...”


“Ie. Au had gone to look for t’Ksa, they found au stabbed,” his father said. “Au nearly bleed to yy’a before they were able to get au to this facility.”


“Where am I then?”


“The Narein Imperial Medical Facility.”


Destorie grimaced again as he felt a surge of pain as he tried to move his legs.


“Don’t try to move too much,” his mother said.


“Where is Kaelin?” he said invoking his brother’s fourth name.


Looking to each other, his mother finally spoke for the family. “He is on assignment, rhae the Talon.”


For a long moment Destorie said nothing. He had never considered that Issaha would be the io to put duty before emotion. Or perhaps he hadn’t? Whatever the case, Destorie was proud of his brother.


Relieved, his mother stroked his forehead gently. “H’nah au should rest. The maeneken say au still have a long road before au.”


“My legs,” he said as he tried to move them again. “They feel so heavy.”


“Ie,” she said. “Muscle atrophy and...”




“Au were without oxygen to au brain for several minutes...”


“I was yy’a?”


“Technically, ie...” she said. “They believe that there was some damage to the part of au brain that controls movements.”


He frowned. Unsure how to feel about the revelation.


His father continued for his mother. “Au will have to go through physical therapy to relearn some of au finer motor skills. It will na be easy.”


Nodding, he leaned back in his bed. “Ie,” he said. “Then I have much work ahead of me.”


“Ie,” his mother said.


Closing his eyes, Destorie let his thoughts wander once again. His mind was a jumble of memories and fragments of memories. It was going to be a long time before any of this made sense.

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