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RAdm S.Coyote

Admirals Mast
Being Booked (Demotion)

You know that instinct to leap without looking, that was his nature too. And in my opinion it's something Starfleet's lost. – Captain Pike to James Kirk on George Kirk, Star Trek 2009


The following log takes place 24 Hours prior to the 10.08.12 Sim...


July 8th, 2260 (Stardate 2260.190)

Starfleet Border Patrol

First Threat Response Command Offices

New Topeka Colony


This day was not going well for Captain Ashton Calestorm.


She had not expected while attending pre-launch briefings following extended shore leave, to receive a summons to an inquiry. It was a private session, involving Cale, Commander Wesley, Brigadier General Craig Tigard* and Rear Admiral Coyote. The Admiral had received permission from the Starfleet JAG to handle the matter privately and ‘keep it in the family’.


True to the nature of the Admiral in question, the Admiral’s Mast was handled with brutal efficiency. Tigard and Coyote sat at a long conference table. Calestorm stood at the far end, facing towards the senior command officers. The Commander occupied a smaller conference table set off to one side where Coyote’s aide-de-camp, Kevin Riley*, took notations.


Coyote regarded Crash across the short distance. The silver-white haired woman stood at ramrod straight parade rest, her expression neutral, attention fixated at a point on the far wall. In contrast, the dark haired Coyote had the dark thunder of emotions flitting across her eyes.


“Captain, your proposal for the planet of Grayson to be admitted to the Federation is fast tracked. Negotiations are underway, a diplomatic team has already made orbit. The protection Barrier will be disengaged. Grayson will most likely become an ally. The Starfleet Corp of Engineering is handling salvage and ship recovery opportunities within the region.”


She paused, glanced at a hard copy printout, and continued. “In addition, while on shore leave, you met with an unauthorized contact. Further intelligence was gained for Lost Souls: Phase 2 while existing information was corroborated.”


Shauna folded her hands together on the tabletop. “Good work.“ A pause. “But, in case you haven’t put two and two together, your ass is mine.”


“Yes, Ma’am. I did manage to figure that one out on my own. Thank you Ma’am.”


Cale heard a cough from Riley. General Tigard became very interested in his digital data slate, one eyebrow raised. Commander Wesley face palmed.


Coyote blew a breath out her nose in annoyance. “Captain, that will be quite enough. I’m aware that field decisions will be made without prior clearance from the First Threat Response Command Offices. You instigated a First Contact situation. You met with an intelligence contact. Both were unsanctioned events.”


The Admiral slowly stood from her seated position and enunciated very clearly, almost dangerously. “You’ve always had a knack for running with the demons and going where the angels fear. It is a trait that I admire. It is an instinct that has served you well over the years.However, it is also damn infuriating!


“You specifically stated in your after-action report that would take full responsibility for the First Contact and the involvement in the Grayson political-social culture. In addition, you were clear that the off the record meeting was your responsibility as well.”


“You will answer for those responsibilities now, Mister Calestorm. You are reduced in rank to Commander for one solar year depending on probationary circumstances and performance of restricted duties. You will maintain the posting of Executive Officer for the USS Comanche Creek.


Shauna turned her hawk-like attention to Audraya. “Commander Wesley. Effective immediately, you are in command of the USS Comanche Creek. Congratulations, Acting Captain Wesley, though I’d prefer the promotion be under better circumstances.”


“If there is no further business, this Admiral’s Mast is concluded. Dismissed.”


As the FTR officers departed, Calestorm remained at parade rest and avoided eye contact as much as she was able; she spared a quick glance to Scooter as the Orion officer passed by.


Shauna somberly gathered hard copy flimsies from the senior command staff table then made her way over to the longtime friend and fellow officer that she had just cut down; leaning in towards the slightly shorter woman, she whispered in Cale’s ear.


The whispered comment made Crash stand straighter, if that was possible.


Admiral Coyote exited the room without another word, leaving her former senior line captain alone with her thoughts.


*General Tigard, Officer in Charge of First Threat Response Ground Operations

*Lieutenant Kevin Riley, Classic Trek Series. We don’t own the character, we just play in his universe(s).

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