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Crewman Bio: Lawliet

Name: Lawliet

Rank: Commander

Current Post: Sky Harbor Aegis

Current Assignment: Chief Science Officer

Species: El-Aurian

Place of Birth: El-Aurian Homeworld, Delta Quadrant

Date of Birth: 2237 (Exact Date Unknown)

Height: 1.8m (5'10")

Weight: 75kg (165 lbs)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Distinguishing Marks: None

Relatives: Ni'ven, Father (Deceased*); Lunia, Mother (Deceased*)

In the early 23rd Century, Ni'ven and Lunia gave birth to their first son Lawliet. The year was 2237. Little is known about Lawliet's childhood. When asked for specific details, Lawliet could only provide vague details. This information is an unfortunate result of an incident that traumatized him and threatened his civilization: The Borg Collective.

According to Starfleet records, the prolonged lifespan of El-Aurains had a direct correlation with their culture. The El-Aurains saw themselves as scholars. Known for their tendency to "listen," El-Aurains collected vast amounts of information rather through discovery or personal experience. These "stories," as they were come to be called, were passed on from generation to generation in order to preserve the "existence" of life. The El-Aurains had little, or no interest, in confrontations with other species. It is believed that their little concern for caution is what led to the assimilation of their homeworld.

Shortly after his sixteenth birthday, Lawliet was awoken in the middle of the night by the sounds of explosions and screaming. Quickly getting dressed, Lawliet took to the streets to find the night sky illuminated by the raging fires from below. Not entirely certain of the events that transpired around him, Lawliet took off toward the nearby spaceport. As he ran, he could hear the shouts of phaser fire and screaming. Not soon after did a defining roar fill the night sky as a Borg Cube took position over the capital. Quickly turning to look back the way he came, Borg drones began to materialize as far as the eye could see. With no means to defend himself, Lawliet carried on the spaceport only to find it surrounded by tactical drones. The bay doors where the only thing preventing the Borg from gaining access. Using the underground waste system to his advantage, Lawliet managed to bypass the Borg perimeter and make his way into the complex where he then took advantage of the chaos to sneak aboard the starship S.S. Lakul. Nearly twenty ships managed escape the planets atmosphere...only two made it through the Borg Blockade. The year was 2253.

Lawliet would spend the next forty years in despair as he became a refugee. No one cared how he had managed to sneak aboard, the only thing that mattered was their will to survive. While a few gave pity on him, Lawliet retreated within himself until that one day. The day that would live inside him...forever. Along with it's sister ship, the Lakul was caught in a temporal phenomenon that lured him and the remaining refugees into what has only been described as "pure joy." What Lawliet experienced remains a mystery to this day as he and forty-six other passengers were transported aboard the newly commissioned U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-B under the command of Captain John Harriman. After his experience with what is now know today as the "Nexus," Lawliet began to put his life back together. The year was 2293.

Lawliet would spend the next ninety-four years in study and council, looking for answers which he has never fully disclosed. Prior to joining Starfleet Academy, medical examinations revealed traces of temporal energy at the sub-atomic level throughout his body. It is believed due to his "younger" age from the rest of the refugees aboard the Lakul, Lawliet's biochemistry was affected by the Nexus' temporal energy. So far, the only affect is the "suspension" of metastasizing. While most experts claim Lawliet will more than likely live far longer than average, even for his own people, some theorize he may even continue to live indefinitely. To this day, Lawliet has never spoken of his experience within the Nexus. The year is 2387.

Lawliet is 150 years-old.

*(It is unknown rather Lawliet's parents survived the assimilation of their homeworld. Based on gathered reports from survivors, his parents were on assignment on the other side of the planet at the time of the incident.)


Psychological Profile

Annual Review

Lawliet, Midshipman

(Report is pending on arrival to first duty assignment.)

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