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“Redshirt”, new Jonathan Coulton song!

John Scalzi has a new novel coming out next week called Redshirts. It’s a spoof of Star Trek that follows security crew aboard the Intrepid, flagship of the Universal Union. The main characters begin to notice that on every away mission, at least one redshirt dies a terrible death—and they’ve all replaced someone who who died. Eventually it becomes clear that something more sinister is afoot. I’m quite excited for the book, both because of its Trek-inspired background and because I have enjoyed other stories by Scalzi.


Anyway, Jonathan Coulton released a theme song for the book today. Many of you will get a kick out of it even if you have no interest in the book itself. You can listen to it here. <link removed, but you can go to whatever.scalzi.com and find a link to the song>


“They said this air would be breathable…”

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