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RAdm S.Coyote

Ewww (Coyote & Cale)

The following log takes place two hours following the events of the 04.30.12 Sim…


USS Comanche Creek

Medical Bay

Stardate 2260.54


After being checked out and cleared from any possible decontamination, Captain Ashton Calestorm had retreated into an auxiliary Medical office and placed an encrypted call request through the bridge communications officer.


Lieutenant Kvar was at her station per Cale’s previous orders and routed the request, though she’d picked up the tension in the youngster’s voice because of Commander Wesley. Crash blatantly ignored the tone…her bridge officers just had to deal with it if they made that personal choice to have relations within the same command chain…


The image of Rear Admiral Coyote popped up on the two way communications feed. “Crash. Commander JoNs and the USS Washington Crossing are inbound.”


“Shauna. Good. Give Mister Brigadier General* my thanks. I’ve got an updated situation report for ya.”


The commanding officer of the First Threat Response Division indicated that Calestorm continue.


“As I told ya, the shadow seems to have gone ‘poof’. My Engineering and Science guys are double checking internal systems to make sure.”


“That’s encouraging news, at least.”


“Hang onto that optimism. Wesley came down with something, got real sick. She somehow managed to eject…an ooze.”




“Nice diplomatic answer there, Admiral Coyote. Working theory from the Medical and Sci Geeks is the ooze is a jellied manifestation of Redjac...”*


“I repeat…eww.”


Cale chuckled, despite the seriousness of the situation. “Guess Ol’ Red didn’t like the taste of Orion, eh? She’s still down, and…her post-symptoms are like she’s recovering from a flu if I understand my medical people correctly.”


“How’re you doing, Crash?”


The middle aged woman paused to give her commanding officer a respectful ‘duh’ look. “I just spent a long few hours dealing with some weird ass shadow being that not only possessed crew and an officer from North Star base, but also caused a vampirism outbreak in others?”


“Was that a silly question?” Coyote gave her senior captain a gentle smirk.


“I’m ticked off as all hellfire over here, Shauna! This…thing, attacks my people? Yeah, I better get some answers from Gygax. There was a reason that Barrons* held out log enough from Redjac’s mental and physical onslaught to leave that clue on the iComanche text screen…we were meant to find the system numbers.”


“Just don’t cause any intergalactic incidents?” Coyote raised an eyebrow.


Cale indicated with a gesture that she understood the cautionary statement. “We’ll be careful. Don’t see how I can cause any issues, though; the system is unclaimed.”


“Keep me informed.”


“Aye Admiral, Calestorm out.”



* Craig Tigard, Assistant Commander FTR, Ground Operations

* Credit for the theory/idea on the manifestation goes to Commander Wesley's Player

* Lieutenant Commander Tanya Barrons, stationed at North Star Starbase, found dead inside a cargo container on board the USS Comanche Creek.

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