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Bio - Jylliene

Physical information


Name: Jylliene Kital

Race: Trill (unjoined)

Physical description: Black hair, green eyes, 5’8”, 135 lb


Father: Najin Otal (joined)

Mother: Lanyi (unjoined)

Birthplace: Trill homeworld

Service history

SF Academy cadet cruise – USS Kirishima

Graduated in the top 15% of her class at the Academy

Personal background

Jylliene was born to parents involved in academia. She had been subtly encouraged to follow in their footsteps, which she had been doing while also an initiate in the process of evaluation for being joined. However, she left the program when a romantic interest, also in the program, was joined, and his personality was so dramatically changed as to be seemingly overpowered by the that of the symbiont. This caused her to question her desire to be joined and give up a portion of her own personality; in so doing, she also began to see her academic career goals as plans others laid before her for her life (despite the fact that she willingly had pursued that course and truly had seen it as her own desire as well). She pursued entrance into the Star Fleet Academy, relieved when she was accepted and able to strike out in a new direction for herself.

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