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Cmdr JFarrington

12.12.2011 to Present
The Destruction of Earth

The Manticore has reached Earth and found it devastated! Over 85% of the planet's land mass was bombarded from space by meteors causing almost total eradication of life on the planet. Small pockets of humanity survive and Manticore is performing a sensor sweep of the surface to get a complete analysis.

After scouring communications frequencies thoroughly, one faint Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) signal, used by the military until the late 21st century, coming from a secure Federation C&C outpost in Alice Springs, Australia. Their tale was one of a massive ship that hurled asteroids from space to bombard the planet. After a long visit and debriefing we find that they may be the only remnant of Starfleet left and that USS Manticore is the only known surviving ship.

The commanding officer at Alice Springs tasked Manticore with retrieving a super-weapon from Distare 27, a base so secret even those in Special Operations task force don't know about it. Upon arriving we find out that the weapon is a "matter compactor" - it removes all space from between the atoms in matter and shrinks it to infinitesimal size without creating a black hole. The weapon was installed, Manticore returned to earth and left behind any crew who wished to do so, hoping they could repopulate the earth.

After a dramatic soliloquy, Admiral Atragon ordered the Manticore to leave orbit and pursue the unknown enemy, meeting them before they return to complete the destruction. As we search for the enemy, a strange coincidence occurs. When some of the security team make a case that we should focus our weapons on the original attack in time, not the source, weapons expert Hyram Jenkins, formerly of the Distare 27 base, informs us that the weapon also has a time-travel factor.

After picking up the crew previously left on earth, Manticore traveled back in time, but the trip was lack-luster, leaving the crew wondering whether we did, in fact, actually travel back in time. Finding the earth intact, we turned and met the enemy, a large conical ship filled with asteroids poised to bombard the planet. The super-weapon was engaged, the alien ship was destroyed, but the asteroids are still on their destructive course. It seems that the weapon compacts artificially created objects, but not naturally occurring objects.

Now, with the assistance of deployed fighters, Manticore is destroying or deflecting as many asteroids as it can before they reach earth's atmosphere.

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