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The First Rule ... Yy'a the Assassin

Her heart raced. She could feel it thudding in her chest, just bellow her lungs. Had she actually done it? Savu Aethal Ye’Sho N’Dak nearly collapsed as she slid into the waiting flitter and turned on the autopilot. She had considered how she might feel at this moment many times over her lifetime, but she couldn’t have imagined this was how it would feel.


She looked down at her hands. They were covered in blood. His blood. Her blood. She had killed before, many times, yet nothing had prepared her for having her own brother’s blood upon her hands. After everything that had happened between them, this is what it had come to? She had to admit, part of her was almost disappointed it had been so impersonal.


Sighing, she leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes. When she opened them, the flitter’s autopilot navigation program had taken her to a small field near a cottage in the southern hemisphere that she would be using as a safehouse. Taking a deep breath, she popped open the canopy and exited the flitter. The cool mountain air filled her lungs and she headed towards the cottage.


Opening the door she was unsurprised to see her mentor and superior, Chaelon tr’Naierth sitting near the fireplace in a rocking chair.


“Jolan tru.”


“Jolan tru,” she responded, heading directly for the sink to wash her hands off. “I expected to find au waiting for me.”


“Ie,” Chaelon said. “I wanted to make sure au were okay. Cold as au are towards him, it is never easy when au have to end the life of io of au own family members.”


Savu didn’t glance over, though she was curious if Chaelon was just saying that or if he knew from personal experience. She pushed the thought to the back of her mind and began lathering her hands with soap and water.


“Well,” he said. “I think it could have been a little more surgical, but the operation seems to have been a success.”


“Mehnka,” she said, turning the water off and looking for a towel. “Veruul was about to ruin everything -- again. It was mehnka that I was there. How he managed to figure out what was going on this time … “


“He is au brother, after all.”


Frowning, Savu finally made her way over to the fireplace and sat down across from the Chaelon. “Was my brother.”


“With any luck.”


Savu’s expression darkened. “What do au mean?”


Without a word, Chaelon reached to an end table and retrieved a small device and activated a holoscreen where the fireplace had been. On it, the INS (Imperial News Service) played.


Details are still coming in the anchor woman said but we can confirm reports of an incident involving a senior member of the House S’N’Dak. Early indications are that while attending the bonding of io of his senior staff members, Enarrain Destorie N’Dak, the son of Deihu D’Lvon N’Dak and Kiith Mrevhoqq'ghi hru'Llairhi Ori’Na N’Kedre, has been critically injured by an unknown assailant.


The anchor woman paused as her director presumably fed her more details. He has been taken to a local hospital for treatment, however, his status is currently unknown. We’re going now to Halen t’Kaneo, INS local affiliate who has more on the situation.


The screen flashed a second before switching to a young female Rihannsu standing outside the colonnade of the bonding hall. Behind her, local and Galae security were escorting people out of the area.


Thank you Gaesel. I am just outside the hall now, as local and Galae security have quarantined the area off.


For our viewers, Halen, can you give us a little bit of a background about what was happening


Of course, Gaesel. Enarrain N’Dak had been attending the So’Droz of his Daise’Maenek when he was attacked by a hooded individual. Eyewitness reports were limited, but the figure was believed to be a man. Though authorities were hesitant to speculate, as the investigation is very early, they did say that they believed it was not a random act of violence, and were proceeding with the theory that this was a targeted attack on the Enarrain...


Chaelon clicked the control again replacing the holoscreen with the fireplace once more and looked to Savu. “He did na see au, did he?”


“Na,” she said. “He did na.”


She did na think so anyway, but she wasn’t telling Chaelon that.


“And the murder weapon?”


Her mind instantly froze as he reached for her hip holster beneath the cloak. It was missing.

“Au did think to dispose of it?” Chaelon said, detecting the look on her face. “Didn’t au?”


“I... I .. elements!”


Chaelon took a very deep breath. “Au at least had the good sense to wear gloves I hope.”


“Ie … but...”


“But what?”


“I do na think they will have any trouble tracking who the kaleh belongs to if they find it. At least my family will na.”


“Elements Savu. What were au thinking!”


“I did na plan on leaving it!” She said defensively. “I was interrupted by the meddling engineer...”


Chaelon frowned deeply and looked away before looking to Savu. “I do na need to tell au what possible damage au have done to this operation. H’nah they do na know she is missing, but how long do au think it will take before they realize t’Ksa has been abducted? There were already ios who suspected our involvement in this affair, h’nah au dagger rhae au brother’s heart it will na be hard to connect to the two events.”


“Nonsense,” she said. “They will think it was a personal attack on him by me. My family will certainly think that. There is no shortage of bad blood between us.”


Shaking his head, Chaelon sighed. “Au had best hope so. If the Tal’Shiar is directly implicated in the abduction, au will answer for it to the Directors auself. I will na risk my own career over au carelessness.”


“I would na expect au to,” she said honestly. “It was my mistake. H’nah I will be responsible for it. Besides, we maybe able to persuade whoever finds the weapon to return it anyway.”


Chaelon frowned even more deeply. “You want me to risk further exposure by using our resources to monitor the investigation.”


“What better cover for selling this as a separate assassination plot?”


He opened his mouth to protest, but decided she was likely correct. “Very well.”


“Oh, and I more thing,” she said. “We should find someio to pin the attack on. The news report said the eyewitness described the attacker as a male.”


“I am sure au have a few ideas for that.”


“Ie... never forget the first rule of assassination.”


“Yy’a the assassin.”

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The Zero Rule may be "Kill the Target". A fun read, from the meddling engineer.


Who says they didn't?

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I had a thought of going up to the assassin and going: "Au really need to dig in. Like this.." :: stabby stabby stabs ::

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