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An Unexpected Guest

Everything was going according to plan and Savu N’Dak was not entirely sure she liked it. She understood, of course, why her superiors had decided to allow the Othan veruuls handle the operation, but that didn’t mean she had to like the idea. After all, it was the Othan veruuls whose imprudence had already botched the operation once already, could they really be trusted to pull off something like this with such high stakes? That was a question she did na have an answer for, and it certainly made her less than settled.


Frowning, she finished working on the report she’d been messing with and closed her et’rehh station before shrugging on a light jacket on her way out of her office. She was more than a little surprised, though, when she was greeted at the door by her director superior, Sub-Director Chaelon tr’Naierth.


Caught off guards, she’d nearly reached for her kaleh, before exhaling much relieved. “Chaelon,” she said, “Au should na sneak up on ios.”


Smirking, the elder Rihannsu shrugged. “Perhaps au should na be so paranoid.”


“Ie,” she said, “and then, when I am yy’a...”


Chaelon simply shook his head and handed her a thick, white envelope with decorative ribbons.


“What is this?” She said, taking it in hand and inspecting it.


“Open it.”


Doing so, she lifted an eyebrow, both confused and reviled at the same moment. “An invitation to …”


“Ie. I think au should be there.”


Wrinkling her nose and frowning ever more deeply, Savu shook her head. “I thought we were leaving this to the Othan to complete.”


We are,” Chaelon said, intoning something that Savu only vaguely picked up on at first.


“Oh... oh... I see. So au think I should go babysit them.” She said, tucking the invitation into her jacket. “I suppose it would be good for me to be there to supervise them. Do they know?”


“Na,” he said. “I did na see any point in telling them it would be au who would be watching. I did tell them that I would send someio to observe in case...”


“In case Destorie gets in the way?”


Chaelon nodded. “Ie. The Deihu does na trust au to handle him.”


Muttering a string of obscenities beneath her breath, she glowered at Chaelon, though it was clear to him who the look was directed towards and he sighed. “H’nah,” he said. “I trust au, which is all that matters.”


Softening somewhat, and marginally mollified, she nodded. “Hann’yyo. If Destorie interferes, he will be dealt with and I appreciate au letting me handle this.”


“Your welcome,” Chaelon said, wondering if he’d just made a mistake. “I do na think I have to tell au to use extreme caution.”


Giving him a look, she rolled her eyes. “Please. I am na some …” she made a motion with her hands “novice.”


Grinning, Chaelon nodded. “Mehnka. Then I suggest au get going. There is a filter outside waiting for au....”

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