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Crash Calestorm

w00t! Pick The Auto!
Cale's Wheels: Crew Challenge

Hi Folks:


I’ve had in Calestorm’s profile since the launch of the Sim in 2009 that she has experience with automobiles/a driver’s license. It’s time to expand on this.


Star Trek 2009 showed that automobiles can/will survive into the future as collectibles…unless some kid drives it off a cliff, eh? We have collectors and car enthusiasts active in this day and age that can have anything from a plain Ford Model T to a modern, tricked out Lamborghini.


The question is: What does Captain Calestorm drive?

  • What type of auto would she drive? Car or truck?
  • Year, make, model? (real, Earth-bound auto’s, nothing sci fi)
  • Exterior color?


I ask because while I play her every week, y’all observe the character and are a pretty good gauge of her and her preferences. What are your ideas?


And, no, she doesn’t drive the General Lee, so don’t even try it. =P




- Crash

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I can see you in a blue 69' Mustang. ^_^


Very cool, I'll add it to the suggestions. Thanks Kairi!

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Suggestion list so far:


- '66 Pontiac GTO (Canary Yellow)

- '66 Mustang Shelby Cobra

- '67 Pontiac Grand Prix convertible (red w/ white leather interior), 426 engine, Bose audio.

- '69 Ford Mustang convertible (Blue)

- '69 Chevy Camaro SS

- '72 Ford Gran Torino

- 76 Dodge Charger

- '76 Pontiac Trans Am 455 CID 7.5 V8 (Black)

- 2011 Subaru Outback 3.6R (400 watt audio & towing capacity)

- 2011 Dodge Drag Pak Challenger (8.4L Viper V10)

- 2012 Centennial edition Chevy Corvette Z06


Coolness. Thanks Folks. Thank the Great Bird of the Galaxy no one suggested a Tuner for Cale. =P

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Oh and it has to be a convertable btw. I forgot to add that in there. :P

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