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Kallah Ramson

A Hollow Feeling

The Captain's quarters on the starship Aegean were dim and silent. Faint starlight crept in around the corners of the forward view ports but most of the visible space was blocked by the circle of the planet Romii. It too showed it's dark side towards the orbiting starship, leaving the lights of the major cities the only sign that a planet rested below. It seemed an appropriate setting for Kallah's mood as she sat on the floor. An empty loneliness felt as physical to her as the Minaran pillows that nested around her to form her bed.


Just several hours ago Aegean had left the Romulan star system. Her thoughts rested heavy over the fate of the refugees aboard the Truvest. If not for the dire situation, that ship should never have been pressed into service. It's commander had given into despair. The refugees were frightened and confused. And, there was nothing more her crew could do for them. Even if she knew it was for different reasons, it upset her that her commands from the Romulan fleet mirrored those of a despairing defeated drunkard. Aegean was to withdraw. The fleet logic was Aegean was too small to aid in transporting civilians from the planet and to unknown in it's abilities to find a role for. It was simply in the way, which was the same thought they had for most of the Federation ships in the area as well. Even with a broken world, Romulan pride remained intact. So, Aegean and all but the largest Starfleet freighters and transports were ordered to clear the spacelanes in and around the Romulan system.


Aegean had moved off to Romii before beginning it's long trip back to Aegis. The scale of the catastrophe could even be felt here. Every orbiting docking facility was either filled or held open for incoming refugee transports. Her ship now floated in orbit clear of the jammed lanes of interstellar traffic. And while in orbit much of her remaining crew were off seeing to personal matters, each being touched by the disaster in someway. The Starfleet crews from Aegis were absent as well having transported over to the Revenge. Given that ships special abilities they were probably half way home by now.


Even Jorahl had left Romii en rout back to Aegis. The time they spent preparing for the assault on the Breen seemed a lifetime ago now. That too was now gone. The Breen had slipped away again and the task force disbanded. Even Romulan rage would not send their fleets chasing vainly after the Breen when they could be better used saving the lives of their people. Aegean had proven herself but it was now time to return home.


Kallah thought of home and tried to put all the events that had occurred into the perspective of her own life. Just over a hundred years ago her own peoples homeworld was destroyed by their star going supernova. Her great-grandmother had shared memories of that time. Kallah knew what it was like to run and play on fields that no longer existed and to long for a home one could never return to. But, the Minarans had been saved, transported away to a new home by the Vians. She prayed the Romulans would be as lucky in their new homes.


The temporally displaced Comanche Creek seemed to equally mirror her own past. Most of her life had been a paradox since the accident with the time portals on Canar II. Discovered when the original Aegis banner was assigned to the orbiting starbase in the Canar system, many had tried to use them for their own goals. One year ago, in one timeline, a group of Cardassians set out to change the course of the Dominion War. During the firefight to seize the archaeological site that housed the portals the young Kallah Ramson found herself at the wrong place at the wrong time. Through a storm of time she fell backwards into the past. She awoke looking up at her own eyes, or at least the eyes of her younger self. And, she remembered looking down on this older version of herself even though she never had done so in the life she knew. The younger Kallah also through the telepathic commune of the Minaran minds knew all that the older knew, thus instantly changing the future they knew. Yet they knew this too and could see the new future laying ahead as if it was the past, which it was. The paradox grew as all possible futures passed between the two Ramson girls, who were the same but different. But, somehow the paradox suddenly held its place. To this day she doesn't fully understand how, which may be one of the reasons the walls of reality haven't fallen upon her. She does remember the voice of her father's mind and the focused thoughts of a familiar Vulcan mind.


It was odd, to say the least growing up with an older/younger version of yourself. It was like having an identical twin who was 10 years older (or younger). To see yourself come of age and set off for Starfleet Academy while also leaving the young child you are (or were) at home to finish grade school was an idea that both fascinated and confounded all her temporal mechanics instructors at the Academy. Kallah wondered if her experiences would have helped the Comanche Creek's crew or only added to their displacement. Like it seemed so many others now, she would not get the chance to lend any aid to them as well.


All these swirling thoughts brought her back to the dark scene outside the viewports of her cabin. Then, a soft glow began to form along the edge of Romii's horizon. From this orbit Aegean quickly entered into the full rays of the systems star and into a new day. The warmth reminded her of all the lives their efforts had saved. The future of all those touched by the recent events (and the pasts of some) were still unclear. Many would live to face these new challenges because of the dedication and actions of her crew. Hope remained for those willing to reach for it. Kallah was willing to fill the hollowness she now felt with that hope, no matter how distant it might seem.


In a few more hours Kallah Ramson would return to the bridge of her ship. She would set course for Aegis, returning with a proven ship not just a hopeful prototype. From there.... the future only knew.

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