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Kallah Ramson

"Revenge May Wait, But It Will Always Collect Interest."

[LOCATION: Breen Subspace Domain]


The backdrop of this starless void was an unending, featureless blank. To call it black would give too much substance to the nothing. But, for one brief second the perfect nothing was marred by an explosion of white light. Bright rays streaked out at odd angles from the swirling ball of light which quickly constricted back upon itself. The layers of space, subspace, and the voids between ripped and folded over each other like layers of earth pushed aside by a sprouting seedling. With a last pop the light was gone, replaced by a small Romulan vessel. Then, just as quickly it too faded with a gentle wave of distorted light.


"Transition complete. Cloak has reengaged, Commander."


"Good. Sensors?" The Romulan Commander leaned back in his chair, giving the blank viewscreen a brief look before turning towards his Operations officer.


"Modifications have improved range 38% from our last survey. Nothing in our immediate area."


"Ping the marker buoys." The Commander sat patiently waiting as they found their bearings in the void.


The Ops officer worked his panel in quick proficiency. It took a few seconds for the cloaked buoys left from previous scouting missions to signal back. "We are in sector 2, grid 9, sub-grid 28."


With a sigh, "Add our transition point to the map." The inconsistencies in movement between normal space and the Breen domain would have proved an interesting study to the Commander, but at the moment he had more pressing matters to attend to. "Take us to the Breen!"



Once the Breen had been found to be behind the impending nova near Romulus the Romulans set their military to the course of eliminating the Breen as a threat. Data collected from the starship Aegean gave their engineers an idea on how to confront the Breen in their own hiding place. With careful manipulation the AQS cores of Romulan ships could be harnessed to create a transition corridor between the two dimensions. Scouting missions were underway before Aegean ever reached Romii. Many of these never returned however as the subpsace positions were unclear. But, once Ambassador Spock and the crew of the Aegean fine tuned the subspace depths and coordinates, each mission added more and more intel on the Breen's encampment. A full assault was just hours away when the unthinkable happened. With Romulus left dead this was no longer a defensive invasion, this was now about revenge.



"Commander, Breen station coming into sensor range now."


"On screen." The Commander waited to see the source of their problems. The station had been identified as the very device driving the star near Romulus into a nova. It also served as the center of the Breen fleet and only known star base in the void. What came onto the screen was something far less imposing as they had scouted before. The station was split in two, one half obliterated into a cloud of debris. The other half was bent into an L shaped mass spinning in place as bulkheads and supports melted from the venting power grid.


The Ops officer began answering the Commanders questions before he could even form them into speech. "Reading massive background radiation. From all scans it appears the singularity formed by the Vulcan fed part of the nova back at the Breen." A pleased smile formed on his lips. "I'm not reading any active ships. There is wreckage but not nearly enough to account for the Breen fleet."


"See if the surveillance probes are still in tact and download their logs." Quickly turning towards the other side of the bridge, "Engineering, prepare to transition back to normal space. Command is going to want to see this."




"Completely gone, Senators." The Admiral stood with clenched fists, anger in his eyes.


The three Senators reviewed the data before them. One looked up and spoke, "We have no idea where they've gone this time?"


"No Senator. They warped away from the remains of their command base but no probes detected them along their course. They have either returned to normal space somewhere or found a new hole to hide in."


Another Senator, "We do not have the resources right now to go looking in anymore holes. Have the rest of the assembled fleet stand down from battle preparations and join the relief effort."


With resignation the Admiral nodded his head then turned and exited the office.


The third Senator slowly walked to the window, looking out across the city skyline. The crackling of the city shields overhead had dulled to a faint glow as the radiation lessened. This only made the destruction outside clearer to see. Beyond the perimeter of the city the countryside burned. The firestorms all around ebbed and flowed in a sick dance of delight over the broken world. Even the seas burned as the water of the rising mists were ripped apart into hydrogen and oxygen atoms and blazed in the heat. It was every bit the picture of the human Hell. Tears formed in the Senator's eyes.


The other two Senators came up on either side of the Third. "Come, we have much work to do. Our people call us to duty."

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