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Crash Calestorm

Must Love Cats

"Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea." - Robert A. Heinlein


The following log takes place immediately after the events in the briefing room during the 11.07.11 Sim…


The meeting with CDR Wesley had gone rather well; Calestorm considered it a good thing that fists had not flew...again. As for the learning experience, she had come away with two valuable lessons: 1.) Remember to duck and 2.) Don't be insulting with regard to Orion pheremones.


Perhaps it was possible to teach an old dog a new trick. All the same, she'd prefer not to have Wesley go haring off like that again.


Crash wearily made her way down the corridor, valiantly making her way towards her quarters before she face planted.




Cale suppressed a groan and half turned, taking in the sight of Commander 'Taboo Cat' JoNs and Ensign 'Jumper' Honor-Scar; the Caitian officers were down on all four paws, double timing it down the corridor towards her.


It was an irrational feeling, but she couldn't help a momentary twinge of panic as the two predators closed in on her; Cale felt like a zebra extra in one of those Wild Earth holo-vids.


She didn't dislike cats, exactly, but…dogs had always been more her thing. The Caits came to a stop and smoothly stood upright on their hind paws.


"You two always run down captains in the corridor?"


"Only when necessary Captain." JoNs smiled slightly.


Something had changed. Calestorm and JoNs had been at odds during the mission to Neural. The Cait thought Cale was a trigger happy frontier marshal; the Human thought JoNs was a prissy, rule and regs young 'un. Now, the two command level officers seemed to be…meshing? That really wasn't the right word, but they could stand to be in the same room now without clashing.


The situation with Commander Wesley had been a flashpoint; when the Orion had initially gone AWOL, JoNs had stepped up as the acting mission XO. Crash wouldn't soon forget that.


"What's up Commander?"


"Already reported into the Admiral and Colonel Sir; the data upload from my ship to yours is near complete. Just a few minor files that are refusing to cache, nothing my people can't handle, and then the transfer'll be complete."


The Starfleet SEALs purred tone was formal, as always.


"Good. You'll continue working with Belo as needed. She's my acting Exec in the interim."


JoNs flipped an ear back in curiosity. The feline had made her opinion known on the Wesley matter, but decided against commenting now. What she responded with was a neutral, "Aye Ma'am."


Cale turned her hawk like attention to the younger feline. "Ensign."


"Lieutenant Thrace sends his regards Sir. The air wing is ready - the first CAP patrol has launched. We'll be maintaining sector formations until the Sheep Farm pulls out from Nova."


"Good. That'll be at least another 72 hours, inform Thrace."


Jumper nodded her understanding.


"Thank you both, dismissed." Cale's voice was gruff.


Commander JoNs nodded and took her leave, though Honor-Scar lingered. Calestorm was no psychic, but had a pretty good idea as to why.


"You've reviewed my orders concerning Commander Wesley." Statement, not a question.


"Yes Sir. With all due respect...it's a little weird."


Crash really fought to keep a grin from landing. "How so Ensign?"


"I'm the Commander's squad lead now? But…I'm a screw up."


Her temper flared. "You are not a screw up!"


The Cat's ears flew back in surprise at the hasty outburst.


Crash pinched the bridge of her nose between thumb and forefinger. She'd used what little of her patience remained during her discussion with Wesley - she needed rest or her emotions and temper would get the better of her.


She spoke more calmly. "Jumper, you are not a screw up. Other then nailing me with a bouncy ball when you first came on board - which is not the best way to go about things I'll agree - you've comported yourself very well over these last months. You're a damn good teacher with the cadets and middies, and you've done well in your Operation: Whiteout assignments…"


The leonine feline persisted. "Sir. She's a Commander. I'm an Ensign. No matter how you spin it, that's a rank gap. And I've been assigned as her squad leader? It's just…weird."


"Well then, I guess we'll have to do something about that gap, right?"


Calestorm removed her iComanche communicator from a jacket pocket. She used the small touch screen to access a formal letter regarding the field promotion of Ensign Honor-Scar to the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade. The proposal was emailed off to Admiral Coyote, Colonel Tigard, the now former Ensign, the CAG, and Cale's acting XO.


Calestorm heard the ping of the Caits own communicator as the information appeared in the inbox queue.


"You might wanna check that..."


Jumper couldn't help a little mrrowl of surprise as she did so.


"It's up one pay grade, not necessarily a big leap...but that little silver stripe on your sleeve'll look mighty pretty, don't you think?"


The young Cait stared at her in mute shock for a moment, and Calestorm flashed a genuine smile.


"It's a field promotion, and once we get back to the New Topeka docks it'll be formalized. Congratulations. You have a lot going for you kid, you just need to realize it."


"Uh, Captain..." Shocked cat was shocked.


"I don't give this promo lightly Jumper. I'm not easy with promotions, so don't make me regret it, hear?"


The now junior El Tee still didn't look entirely convinced, but her purring tone was confident as she answered with an "Aye Sir."


"And don't go easy on Scooter. That's all Honor-Scar, dismissed."


The Caitian didn't move.




"I was instructed by Colonel Tigard that upon completion of my report, I was to safely escort you to your quarters so you can get some sleep."


'Lieutenant…I'm perfectly capabl;e of finding my way." The captains tone now held warning.


"He also informed me if you were to quote, break out the Crash Bullsh*t, unquote, I was to proceed to rub up against you profusely because you love cats."


Cale's jaw dropped. The man was evil...


The shorter feline flexed her claws as she wiggled her paw digits. "I'll do it in a heartbeat Sir; don't make me break out the purring…"


Lieutenant Honor-Scar escorted a wary Captain Calestorm all the way to the private quarters…

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