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Capt Daniel Cooper

Moral Support ((Cooper))

((The log below accounts for Daniel's absence from sim due to RL circumstances.))


"Daniel, I simply can't redirect an entire defense contingent out to a single frontier station. Not on the evidence of sensor echoes and speculation. The fleet isn't infinite."


Daniel Cooper leaned his head on his hand and eyed the determinedly placid expression of the clearly bored Admiral's aide on his screen, and felt exhausted. This conversation had been going on for quite a long time now, the culmination of numerous hours of inquiries as to the state of a Fleet response to his reports about the Breen, and his frustration was starting to overcome his natural diplomacy. "I understand that, Aaron, believe me. I am not merely being obstinate, and if I had any suspicion that the situation was being analyzed simply on guesswork, I wouldn't have called you in the first place, or any of the other people through whom I have been forwarded to get to you. I'm not a fool, Aaron -- but I find it hard to believe the Fleet isn't concerned about this."


Aaron White managed to muster a sympathetic look. He and Daniel had occasionally interacted when Daniel had been a personnel officer and he knew that it would be morale and dynamic of his crew which the captain was most concerned about, and the question of how best to support their peace of mind in an unsettled situation, not the exact tactical advantage which -- if they were both to be entirely honest -- a small contingent probably wouldn't really provide in quantity to the sort of situation he was describing anyway.


Rubbing a hand down his face, he kept his tone civil as he responded, "The Fleet is concerned about everything to do with the Breen, Daniel -- but so far, everything you have told us suggests that they are out of the way altogether. Until we're given evidence that they are actually planning--"


"It's entirely possible that we won't know what they're planning until it's entirely too late," Daniel said dryly. "Better we be prepared now than be caught with our pants down."


"And for how long do we wait?" Aaron raised his eyebrows at Daniel expectantly. "For how long do we keep extended resources on alert for a border station? At what point do we let our guard back down?"


Daniel frowned. The truth was, he had no answer for that. The Breen might very well be planning to reappear that day. Or the next. Or a year in the future. Or not. They didn't know, and that was the mindbogglingly frustrating part. Leaning his head against the heels of his hands, he kneaded his temples for a moment in silence.


Aaron went on, "It's not that we want to leave you to your own devices out there, but we can't send ships to the border haphazardly. Keep us informed, Daniel, and hold things together till your people have more information."


Daniel said nothing for a moment, and Aaron pressed, "Did you hear me, Captain?"


"Yes. Yes, I heard. I don't like it, but I heard."


The screen winked out, and Daniel glanced towards the chrono, restraining a groan. No wonder Aaron was touchy and his own head hurt; it was very late gamma shift, much later than he'd realized. Letting out a sigh, he leaned his head down on his arms, shutting his eyes.


He wasn't sure what time it was when he woke up, but the red alert sirens were screaming.

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