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Cptn Corizon


Though he technically called Tokyo his home, that wasn’t entirely accurate either. Instead Corizon’s actual home was a small, traditional Japanese cottage nestled in the high mountains around Lake Okutama overlooking Tokyo proper. It was quiet and isolated and had always allowed him the calm he needed to recenter himself after long days either at Starfleet Academy and Command in San Fransico or at the ATAG headquarters in Berlin, now it seemed almost foreign to him as he slid closed the fusuma that currently separated the i-ma from his wa######su, but at least he was finally home.

Five years had past since he’d spent any time on Earth at all, and at least that long since he’d had an opportunity to spend more than a hurried evening in the place he’d called home for almost twenty years before he was assigned to the Gamma Quadrant. He would have to thank San’le again later for securing his release into “home custody,” and though his confinement in New Zealand hadn’t been particularly draconian there was something about being in familiar surroundings.

As he headed for the closet to change out of his uniform, he heard the fusuma slide open behind him.


“Yes,” he said without turning to face the lieutenant who’d been assigned to head the detail ‘guarding’ him. “What can I help you with?”

“Quite the place you have here.”

“Thank you. Happy to have you. Well as happy as I can be under the circumstances.”

The boyish, blond haired lieutenant smirked. “Yeah,” he said. “We found our bedrooms on the first floor ready to go.”

Corizon nodded and disappeared behind a small divider to change clothing. “Good good. What can I do for you then? You need help setting something up?”

Smiling the Lieutenant shook his head, not that Corizon could see him, just out of habit. “Oh, nothing like that sir. Just the boys were... well kind of hungry and uh...”

“There’s no replicator in the kitchen?”

“Uh, no, sir.”

“You don’t have to call me sir. And that is correct. I never bothered to have one installed.”


“Don’t sound so disappointed,” Corizon said emerging in a more traditional Dameon attire that somewhat resembled a jinbe. “When was the last time you even had real food, hmm?”

The lieutenant smirked wider, thinking that this might turn out to be a decent assignment afterall. “Before I went to the Academy.”

“Exactly. Listen, let me do a few more things around the house, then we can head down to the village market and do some shopping. I’ll make dinner for the whole lot of you tonight, and we can get something from a street vendor in the mean time.”

“That would be more than acceptable, si... Captain.”

“Call me Ah-Windu. I don’t think they’re going to be calling me Captain much longer anyway.”

The lieutenant nodded soberly. He didn’t know exactly what the Captain had done, but he knew enough about the man from reputation to know that he was a good officer whatever else was going on, and that was enough for him. Still it was a stark reminder that this wasn’t a week of leave either.

“Now run on along,” Corizon said with a grin. “I have some things I want to do before we head to the market.”

“Of course. Is there anything I can do for you, sir.. Cap... Ah-Windu?”

“Not right now. Though if anyone comes to see me, let me know who they are before you let them in, okay?”

It seemed a bit odd, but the lieutenant wasn’t going to question it. “Of course, I’ll let Sanderson and Granelle know.”

Corizon nodded and the lieutenant headed out, closing the fusama behind him, leaving Corizon alone with his thoughts once more. After a few moments he opened the shoji on the far wall allowing air to flow in from the roka before rolling out a futon. He laid down and closed his eyes taking in deep breaths of the cool fall air flowing down from the mountains.

The entire ordeal had been exhausting, mentally and physically. His return to Earth had been particularly frustrating as he was no longer in control and now at the mercy of Starfleet and Federation bureaucrats. After the initial hearing, which he and his representation had walked out of, the deposition phase of the board of inquiry had been surprisingly civil, if not tedious as he restated the situation over and over. He’d been informed his crew had also been deposed and that they’d largely been very helpful and cooperative. He sighed to himself. He hated that they were being made to suffer for his faults. Sure they could have bucked him, but could anyone really expect that to happen?

As he quieted his mind, he considered that his ordeal was only really beginning. The depositions were over, for now. Tauris Dalton now had everything he’d need to effectively end Corizon’s career, and possibly those of more than a few under his command. That particular inevitability only bothered him a little, and he’d mostly came to terms with ending his career. He only hoped that in the end, the sacrifice would mean something.

The Dominion had allowed the Federation to continue proliferating is presence in the Gamma Quadrant over the last five years. During that time, they’d come to be almost partners and the Federation had expanded to include nearly twenty colonies and what would soon be two starbases in the heart of the Dominion space. However, it was a delicate balance as the embers that had once fueled the Dominion War remained warm and stokable; those same colonies exsisted only with the blessing of the Dominion, and how long would that blessing remain intact if the Federation were actively helping to destabilize the Dominion by smuggling weapons through the wormhole?

He sighed and tried to push the thought out of his mind. There was little he could do now. Other than wait.

He hated waiting.

Hopefully he wouldn’t have to wait long, though. San’le had told him that Dalton intended to file his official report sometime in the next few days; after that it would go to the Board of Inquiry along with the depositions from his crew, along with the mountain of evidence gathered from the Excalibur itself. Then, the board of inquiry would make a recommendation.

And just when that would come, however, remained an open question.

He hated waiting.


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