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Cmdr JFarrington

The USS Coxeter/Tesseract Drive Mission

USS Manticore Mission Update - December 20, 2010

 After undergoing repairs and refit, the USS Manticore left Maturin Station on Stardate 51011.15. Upon reaching their destination they received orders to search for the missing USS Coxeter, last reported in the farthest corner of Federation space testing a new engine. The Hexacosichoron 600, part of the Tesseract Drive project, theoretically enabled them to travel in four dimensions to arrive at any destination instantaneously.

 The USS Manticore has traveled to the USS Coxeter's last known location, the area where it was to engage the Hexacosichoron 600. Finding nothing, and with no trail to follow, Manticore followed the Coxeter's flight plan to their jump destination and supposedly the endpoint of their test. There they found only a trail of anti-neutrons which led them to a third location and a strange cloud, 5,000 meters in diameter, consisting of 15 cm metallic spheres. Fearing they had found the remnants of the ship, they discovered an impulse engine trail, at the end of which was found the USS Coxeter.

 The question now is, what was that cloud and why is the Coxeter traveling under impulse when they have a Tesseract Drive?

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USS Manticore Mission Update for January 3, 2011


We have found the USS Coxeter and made contact with Captain Hermann Weyl, whose reaction appeared to be nothing less than a spectacular mental breakdown.


They have disassembled their tesseract drive and, for some reason, believe they can outrun the Manticore via impulse, which tells us that neither the ship nor the bridge crew is operating on all thrusters.


Believing there may be some connection between their aberrant behavior and the tesseract drive, or that they have encountered some kind of mind-altering infection, an away team in full EVA protocol has boarded the Coxeter.


Only one bridge officer, a Vulcan science officer by the name of t’Pak, seems to be unaffected by the problem. After passing three levels of security protocol, Captain Sovak will be given access to their logs and all scientific data pertaining to the tesseract drive.


TBS was 10 minutes.

On the away team are:


* Captain Sovak

* Commander Precip

* Lt Cmdr Kenickie

* Security NPCs Bauer, Bull, and Sleet

* Lt Cmdr Faldek

* Engineering NPC Manny

* Counselor Asteria Jaxa

* Dr. Vilanne Chalice

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USS Manticore Mission Update for February 21, 2011


In a desperate attempt to make amends for the inadvertent destruction of another starship, the crew of the USS Coxeter disassembled their Hexacosichoron engine with the intention of scrapping it. Upon realizing that the ship they destroyed was the USS Manticore, we have found that instead of traveling home in our last "jump," we shifted to another universe. With the assistance of Captain Weyl and the crew of the USS Coxeter, we have reassembled the Hexacosichoron 600 engine with its Tesseract Drive on the USS Manticore and intend to use it to travel home. Again.


There is a catch. Captain Weyl, in explaining how the Tesseract Drive works, revealed that the power source for the drive is an alien artifact that was found in an archaeological dig on Cestis Allgernon-9. Moreover, the artifact attaches itself to the operator and uses the operator's life force during its operation, reducing the operator's life span by six years every time the drive has been used to jump in the same reality.


Captain Weyl has decided to accompany the Manticore, as it is the only way we can use the Tesseract Drive to return to our own reality.

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USS Manticore Mission Update for April 4, 2011


With the aid of the USS Coxeter's Captain Weyl and Lieutenant Brutus, the USS Manticore has returned safely to its own universe, but not without cost. Captain Weyl's life energy, used to operate the tesseract drive, was completely sapped. He did not survive.


Without Captain Weyl's life force to power it, the tesseract drive fused to his body and became inoperable (and undecipherable from his own flesh.) Since installing the tesseract drive entailed removing the warp drive, the Manticore was left in the far reaches of the Alpha Quadrant with impulse and thrusters to carry them home. A call to the fleet summoned the rest of the Special Operations Wing - the USS Babylon, The USS Pensacola, and the USS Carthage. With Maitncore under strict lockdown, they towed the ship to Maturin Station, Starfleet's secure facility reserved for Special Operations.


At present, the crew is in the process of an extensive, grueling debriefing, having to explain the presence of personnel aboard from other universes, where we were for the last 49 days, instantaneous flight, a war with Arcturus, and the destruction of two ships named Manticore.

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